General Requirements for E-Hours:

  1. Student eHours are earned outside the regular school day and not tied to a course grade.
  2. Student eHours are continuously earned over all 4 high school years.
  3. All eHours (including pictures or other documentation) will be submitted online through the 21st Century Academy Endorsement link. No paper copies accepted.
  4. A suggested minimum of 50 eHours should be earned each of 4 years, including senior year, to meet the basic level of endorsement. More eHours can be accumulated to reach higher levels of endorsement.
    • Levels of Endorsement – eHours Required

      Endorse 200 Hours
      Endorse with Honors 300 Hours
      Endorse with High Honors    400 Hours
  5. All eHours are tracked by the student and submitted (through the link above) to their Academy Facilitator for approval. Forms should be submitted online in a timely manner.
    • eHours completed from May 15 to August 31 will be due by September 15.
    • eHours completed from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31 will be due by January 15.
    • eHours completed from Jan. 1 to May 14 will be due by May 30.
  6. Approval for what is accepted as an eHour is determined by the Academy Facilitator. Check in advance if you have a question as to whether the event is acceptable for eHours credit.
  7. Student may begin earning eHours as soon as they are accepted into an academy (2nd semester of 8th grade).

Examples of eHours include, but not limited to: 

Leading or attending community presentations related to BIOengineering
Academy related volunteer/community service, includes leadership positions outside of school
Field-trips: must be outside of the school day and also not for a grade
Attending an Academy related guest speaker session

Participating in Academy related competitions, outside of the school day
Providing service to the Academy
BIOengineering Leadership Team – time spent on leadership tasks and team/committee meetings
Participating in Academy events (i.e. Senior Night, lecture series, career events, etc.)

Participating in college or post-secondary visit related to the Academy
Participating in an academic conference, summer camp, or a internship/shadowship (not including Senior Capstone)
Participating in district sponsored Skills for YOUR Success Workshop
Participating in approved Professional Learning Experiences outside of school day (PLEs)
Presenting the Senior Capstone Project (outside school day)
Innovator Hours – Sophomore year and above only
Literature Reviews – book or magazine eHours Literature Review Instructions (1)