The Green Tech Academy is located at Olathe West High School.

Who We Are

Energy & Sustainability

Students will be prepared to pursue a career in the green technology field through problem solving, research, design, and professional learning experiences. Students in this four-year program:

  • Develop an understanding of the interconnectedness of humans and the environment
  • Learn how fossil and alternative fuels affect both the global economy and climate
  • Study and debate local, national, and global environmental legislation
  • Design and build alternative energy systems for cars, homes, or businesses

What We Do

  • Study sustainable building design in the state’s only Energy Star rated high school
  • Maintain the school’s rain gardens and green roof system
  • Use industry-level training systems to generate, transmit and monitor electricity
  • Perform home and school energy audits and implement plans to reduce energy consumption
  • Visit local water treatment and energy production facilities
  • For more information please visit:
  • Contact Information: or 913.780.7180.