Draft Your Application First

Application Instructions, Draft and Application Document

Google Doc -You will copy and paste the draft section into your own google doc

Word Doc  -After clicking on link, download and save to your personal files.

Be prepared BEFORE you go to the actual online application:

  1. Read through the entire document
  2. Draft your essay answers in the document – be sure to edit and revise
  3. Look up  your teacher’s email addresses and put in the document

Note: If you are applying to two academies, you only submit one online application.  Please address both academies in your essay answers.


Click the link to access the
District Staff Directory
for email addresses.


All Olathe District Staff email end in



Warning:  Please do NOT use the “auto fill” feature on the website when submitting your application.  This will auto fill with the information of the person logged into the computer.  If this is a computer at home, it will likely auto fill the adult’s information and overwrite the student’s.

Be sure you have drafted your essay answers and have the correct email addresses for your teacher recommendations.

  • The website will time out after 15-20 minutes and NOT save your work.  You will not know it has timed out.
  • It is very important you have all application items ready to go before completing the online application.
  • If you are prepared it will only take you approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Click the following link to take you to the Online Application.

21st Century Academies Online Application is available Nov 25 and close on Dec 10 at 10p