Professional Learning Experience (PLE)

Please read through the entire PLE toolkit as it provides pertinent information on placements:  PLE Toolkit

  • The “Professional Learning Experience” will help connect technical skill development at the application level to authentic industry-related experiences for the individual student learner across all fields and pathways.  The goal for every Olathe District Student is to use their secondary experiences to further define their post-secondary plans.  Through involvement in one of Olathe’s Career & Technical Education programs, 21st Century Academies, or Olathe Advanced Technical Center Programs, we offer to qualified seniors a capstone Professional Learning Experience (PLE) to enhance skill development, attain a certification, license or degree and experience greater student success in the 21st century workforce.  For more information visit: KSDE PLE Fact Sheet

If you are currently a second semester Junior or a first semester Senior in a 21st Century Academy, an OATC 2-Year Program, or on track to be a Completer in a CTE Pathway, and would like to apply for potential placement in a PLE your senior year, please fill out application at the appropriate link below:
Health Science Only (MPA, SPA, BEA, PCA, CNA)