Millcreek Learning Center


Millcreek Learning Center
150 S. Water
Olathe, KS 66061

OCL Credit Recovery Lab
Olathe high school students who are in need of credit recovery may be referred by their high school counselors to take classes through Off-Campus Learning.  The Off-Campus Learning lab offers an environment in which students can work at their own pace, with teacher support, to complete credits and courses to keep them on track for graduation.  Courses and schedules can be individualized based on each student’s needs.

Night School
Non-Olathe Public School Students or Students who need to complete additional credits outside of the school day may enroll to complete coursework during Night School hours in the Step Up lab on the 2nd floor of Millcreek Learning Center.  Night School is a fee based program as all participating students remain enrolled in their home high schools.
Course Fees:
Olathe Public School Students: $50 per course
Non-Olathe Public School Students: $150 per course

Extended Absence Services

Extended Absence Services (EAS) eligibility is determined by the building level team in cooperation with the EAS facilitator.  The process begins with the school counselor and must include a signed Medical Eligibility Form which are available from school counselors. The school counselor contacts the EAS facilitator which starts a referral. School personnel can contact the EAS facilitator with any questions.

Upon receiving a referral, the EAS facilitator contacts the home school to arrange a meeting to discuss service eligibility with the home school and parents.  If eligibility is determined, an EAS Contract will be formulated by the team, and a start date for services will be established.  Extended Absence services can be provided in a continuum of ways to meet the least restrictive needs of the student.