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  • Incliment Weather Reminder

    If school is cancelled due to snow or bad weather, the information will be available on the district Information Line: (780-8000), on the District Web Site: www.olatheschools.com and through the local television and radio station.

    You could sign up for Olathe Alert by going to:   http://www.olatheschools.com/aboutus/communications/olathe-alert

  • Spotlight
    Tuesday Feb. 9th - Valentine's Day Party
    Wednesday Feb. 10th - Conferences 4:30-8:30
    Thursday Feb. 11th - Conferences 11:00-8:00 
    Friday, Feb. 12th- No School
       Reading Challenge
                MD Ringmaster
    ACE Flyer 5/11
     Available (click here)






























  • Upcoming Events
    • Thu, Feb 11: No Calendar information is available at this time