President’s Volunteer Service Award

Dear Parents,


We at Bentwood believe we have a caring, giving community.  We think that it is important we give recognition to those young students, your children, who volunteer everyday improving and making our Bentwood community proud.  It is for this reason that we are once again participating in the President’s Volunteer Service Award.  This award is given to youth 5-14, who have performed at least 50 hours of community service within a 12-month period.  The award is a specially designed pin, a certificate and a letter from the President of the United States. Students who volunteer 50-74 hours will receive a bronze pin.  Students who volunteer 75-99 hours will receive a silver pin, and students who volunteer 100 hours or more will receive a gold pin.


 Although this project is strictly voluntary, we encourage your child’s participation. The project can begin immediately and will continue until April 1. If your child would like to participate, have them log their hours on the attached service sheet turn them in to the counselor no later than April 1.  


We encourage your child to participate in some of the following activities in the community:


Community Improvement           Elderly Assistance

Environment                              Health

Hunger and Homelessness          Church Service Projects

Scout Service Projects


Work done for family members cannot be counted as community service. Please have your child keep track of their hours on the attached service sheet.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Emmie Kennicott at