In-depth learning happens in the classroom

ProStart sutdents spend two years in the classroom mastering the fundamental management and culinary skills needed for success. ProStart trains students on industry-specific skills that can be used in all aspects of the restaurant and food service industry.

Students also leave the program with employ-ability skills – like leadership, accountability, teamwork and responsibility – that they can take with them to positions in all industries.

Curriculum Path Offered

Middle School: Interested in eventually being in the Olathe Public Schools Culinary Arts Program? Start by taking any foods/baking classes you can. Then follow the path shown below!Be sure you check with your counselor! See you in your Junior year!
Freshman and Sophomore year:
Be sure you check with the Career Tech counselors! As a sophomore, a tour of the program is required to enroll in the program for your Junior year. When attending the tour, you will receive an application for the Culinary Arts program.
Baking/Food Science (Semester classes)
Culinary PrepI/Culinary Prep II (Semester classes)
Junior and Senior year:
Culinary Arts I (Full year class)
Culinary Arts II (Full year class)
The OPS Culinary Arts program is offered to all Olathe students in grades 11 & 12. Students that are enrolled in this program where Olathe North is not their home school, are requried to transport to Olathe North for their program scheduled hours only. (Three hours each day) It would be hours 1-3 (AM class) or 5-7 (PM class).

Career Opportunities

  • Catering/Food Service Manager
  • Catering/Food Service Worker
  • Executive Chef
  • Pastry Chef/Baker
  • Food Scientist
  • Private Caterer
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Restaurant Owner/Entrepreneur