Design Academy


Design Academy
Students enrolled in the Design Academy program will have opportunities to explore the places and spaces around them; spatial reasoning, conceptual communication skills, real world client perspectives, and technological application.  Students will also become aware of various cultures, architectural styles and historic preservation.  Throughout the program, students will have the opportunities to observe careers in architecture, industrial design, urban planning, engineering, historic preservation and construction.  While enrolled in the Design Academy program, students will be building an actual and digital portfolio of work that can be used for application to a secondary institution or in the work force.For more information, please email us on Twitter @OlatheDesign


Robin Schuberth
Environmental Design
Drawing I
Intro to Design II
Design Applications
Product Design Engineering
David Kling
Commercial Design
Intro to Design I
Design Applications
Architecture Design I and II
Senior Capstone
Advanced Studies in Design
Senior Capstone PLE