Future Educators Academy


Future Teacher Academy
Students enrolled in the Future Educators Academy will prepare for an engaging and rewarding career int he field of education that will drive their passion through a focused plan of study and real-world classroom experiences.  Classes will target teaching strategies and educational techniques including behavior management, lesson design, instructional strategies, student engagement, relationship building, technology in education, establishing procedures and creating a physical environment focused on learning.  Students will observe professional educations in the field in early childhood, elementary, middle school, high school, special education and professional education settings.Teacher Academy students will work with multiple grade levels, helping individuals or groups of students, creating and implementing lessons, overseeing classroom procedures, teaching curriculum, planning and celebrating school holidays, preparing bulletin boards and grading assignments.  In addition, students will become affiliate members of Educators Rising, the national Career and Technical Educator Student Organization (CTSO), and have the opportunity to complete, present and attend state and National Conferences each year.For more information, please email FutureEducators@olatheschools.org.Follow us on Twitter @OlatheFutureEd
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Shelley Staples
Intro to Education
Human Growth and Development
Educational Practices I