Hawkletes of the Week

October 16th – October 20th | Alyssa Penn (Gymnastics) & Jake Buechler (Boys Cross-Country)

  Alyssa Penn, Junior
Gymnastics Team
Every day, Alyssa comes to practice ready to push herself. She sets extremely high individual and team ambitions, and is determined to put in the work and energy needed to be successful. She is focused, determined, and proudly represents Olathe East. Alyssa’s constant leadership has helped motivate the entire Gymnastics Team. She leads by example and always puts her team goals ahead of her individual aspirations. Alyssa’s teammates and coaches can always count on her for support, encouragement, a hug, and a smile!
  Jake Buechler, Senior
Boys Cross-Country Team
Jake has been a vital part of the Hawks Cross-Country program these past four years, and finished his career on a high note, winning the C-Team Sunflower League Championship!  Jake’s ability to motivate by example was a key part of this year’s success with the C-Team and Junior Varsity squads, and he helped train future Varsity Hawks in the values and rewards of hard work and dedication that have made the Hawks Cross- Country Team six-time State Champions!

October 09th – October 13th | Cindy Zhang (Girls Tennis) & Ryan Brockschmidt (Football)

  Cindy Zhang, Senior
Girls Tennis Team
Senior Cindy Zhang is an exemplary example of how a Senior should act on a team.  She is a natural leader and always shows great sportsmanship.  Cindy always has a great attitude at practice and it rubs off on her fellow teammates.  She always makes sure everyone is included and she makes sure everyone is having fun. Congratulations on a fantastic Senior season, Cindy!
  Ryan Brockschmidt, Senior
Football Team
Ryan has been a “rock” for our team and program for the last three years.  He is consistent with his attitude and effort.  Ryan is very coachable and has a great demeanor on the field.  He leads by example and has always put the team’s best interests ahead of his own personal interests.  Ryan is a great ambassador for our football program and Olathe East!


October 02nd – October 06th | Gracie Davis (Girls Golf) & Andrea Rizzi (Boys Soccer)

  Gracie Davis, Junior
Girls Golf Team
Gracie is a tireless worker who always strives to succeed.  She has shown marked improvement in her game through relentless practice and play.  Gracie is a leader with her positive attitude and work ethic on and off the course.  A busy student-athlete, Gracie has excelled while balancing school and golf.  Olathe East could have no finer ambassador than Gracie Davis.
  Andrea Rizzi, Senior
Boys Soccer Team
Andrea comes to Olathe East soccer an unselfish player that elevates the play of those around him.  He values and respects the game as well as his opponents. His sportsmanship to all on the field is a display to be admired. He is a gifted goal scorer as well as an talented play maker. He is a valued teammate and a pleasure to coach.

September 25th – September 29th | Porter Adams (Cross-Country) & Rachel Post (Cross-Country)

  Porter Adams, Senior
Cross-Country Team
Porter is a true example of the value and reward of hard work. As a freshman, Porter split his time on the Hawks Cross-Country and Golf teams. Starting his sophomore year, Porter began to concentrate on Cross Country and Track.  He has lowered his time over four minutes for the 5k from his freshman year, and is now a valued runner on the Hawks defending state champion varsity team. His leadership by example is appreciated by all his team-mates, and he is a great example of perseverance and dedication.
  Rachel Post, Senior
Cross-Country Team
Rachel is a four year starter on the Hawks varsity, beginning her career with the Hawks state champion team in 2014.  But during the spring season, Rachel tore her ACL. She has worked her way back to running again on the Hawks varsity, an accomplishment of courage and determination that is rarely seen. Rachel’s hard work and drive have served as great example of overcoming set-backs and limits and is a demonstration that no matter what obstacles are put in your life, determination and courage can work to overcome them.

September 18th – September 22nd | Lily Johnson (Volleyball) & Tre’von Kearney (Football)

  Tre’von Kearney, Junior
Football Team
Trey continues to improve as a football player in large part due to his focus and effort.  He approaches every rep in practice like it’s a game winning rep.  Last Friday versus Liberty, Trey rushed for 125 yards and he also had 2 interceptions.  Trey is a great teammate and he always puts the team first.  Aside from his physical abilities, Trey’s positive body language is contagious.  We expect more from our best and Trey is delivering with his team first attitude and his performance.
  Lily Johnson, Senior
Volleyball Team
Lily has been on fire over the last week and has been a big part of the Hawks winning their last five consecutive matches.  In those five matches, she has led the team by hitting .382 with 55 kills and 11 blocks.  At the Hayden tournament, the Hawks finished 3-3 and Lily was named to the all-tournament team by the opposing coaches.  Lily brings an abundance of positive energy to the floor by shrugging off mistakes, being accountable, and stepping up on the next play.  Playing in a new position this year, Lily’s confidence continues to grow as the season progresses and there is great potential for both her and the Hawks volleyball team.

September 11th – September 15th | Olivia Rance (Girls Tennis) & Parker Esparza (Boys Soccer)

Parker Esparza, Junior
Boys Soccer Team
Parker is currently leading the Hawks soccer team in scoring with 4 goals. His two goals Tuesday propelled the Hawks to a victory over Gardner-Edgerton. He always gives 100% and has that never give up attitude. Parker is a great teammate who cares about others, more than about himself. His work rate is contagious on the field and as a captain he is a natural leader. Congratulations to Parker Esparza, a wonderful example of a multisport student-athlete who works hard to obtain personal and team greatness.
  Olivia Rance, Junior
Girls Tennis Team
Olivia is always full of energy and welcomes any one onto the tennis court. She encourages anyone that she plays doubles with. Olivia loves to get better and loves to hear new ideas on how to play. Olivia represents the Lady Hawks Tennis Team through her sportsmanship, her passion, and her patience. Olivia is a fantastic tennis player because she looks for solutions while playing and she is not afraid to cheer her teammates on.


September 04th – September 08th | Liz Wasinger (Gymnastics) & Cole Young (Boys Cross-Country)

  Liz Wazinger, Sophomore
Gymnastics Team
Liz was an instrumental piece to helping our Olathe East Gymnastics team take 1st Place at the first meet of the season. She was steady and consistent in all four of her performances, and took 5th place in the All-Around. In practices, Liz is the hardest worker on the team. She continually pushes herself to be the best gymnast she can be. She has extremely high expectations of herself and her team. She leads by example, and is a successful gymnast due to her mental toughness, strong determination, and unwavering passion for gymnastics.
  Cole Young, Senior
Boys Cross-Country Team
Cole has inspired our team over the last four years with his ceaseless effort and devotion.  He is now almost five minutes faster for the 5k than he was as a freshman!  More importantly Cole comes to practice every day with a great attitude and desire to be better and inspires others to be better!  At meets Cole takes a leadership role with his teammates, and we can always count on him to do what needs to be done to make us a better team.


August 28th – September 01st | Kylie Durham (Girls Golf) & TyJuan Lewis (Football)

Kylie Durham, Senior
Girls Golf Team
Kylie is the epitome of what OE Golf Stands for. She works hard and is always supportive of her teammates. Her positive and caring attitude is present regardless of circumstance. Kylie is playing her 4th year on the golf team and second year on Varsity. We look forward to an excellent season with seniors like Kylie leading the way.
Ty’Juan Lewis, Senior
Football Team
Ty’Juan brings a great attitude and tremendous effort every day. He had 7 catches for 110 yards in our opener versus Hutchinson. Ty’Juan’s big plays kept our team in the game until the very end. He leads by example every day. Ty’Juan has never missed a practice or skipped a repetition in the weight room. His positive attitude is contagious and we are proud to have him as a team captain.


August 21st – August 25th | Meg Voigt (Girls Cross-Country) & Aspen Gibson (Boys Soccer)

  Meg Voight, Senior
Girls Cross-Country Team
Meg is a driving force on the Hawks Cross- Country team this year.  She captained our summer runs and set a standard for hard work and high expectations.  This is welcoming to young runners and encourages everyone to give their best efforts in practice.  Meg will lead the Lady Hawks into action Thursday at the Olathe East Invitational at Lone Elm Park.
  Aspen Gibson, Junior
Boys Soccer Team
As our Varsity Goalkeeper, Aspen played extremely well versus ONW in our home opener. His brilliant individual saves kept the Hawks in the game. He is that quiet leader of our team that always displays grit and determination. Congratulations Aspen on a job well done!