Hawkletes of the Week

May 07th – May 11th | Mackenzie Bravence (Girls Swimming), Ryan Deaver (Boys Golf), Emily Lucas (Girls Track & Field), & Trey Gurwell (Boys Tennis)

  Mackenzie Bravence, Junior
Girls Swimming
It is with great pleasure, on behalf of the Girls Swimming & Diving team, that Mackenzie Bravence is nominated as the Hawklete of the Week.  Mackenzie reached rarefied air this past weekend, breaking a 10-year old team record in the 100 back, as well as being a two-time Sunflower League Champion.  These accomplishments have been a long time in the making, with an awful lot of hard work in the weight room and pool.  However, it would be a mistake if one didn’t comment on Mackenzie’s personality, integrity, and overall disposition on life.  She is a person who makes all of those around her feel welcomed, a person who is honest and trustworthy, and a person who views life as if “the glass is half full!”  It is because of these traits that we are most proud to present Mackenzie Bravence, a champion in and out of the water, as Hawklete of the Week!
  Ryan Deaver, Junior
Boys Golf
Ryan Deaver has shown this year that he is a team player in an individual sport.  He has been willing to tackle any challenge set in front of him.  Ryan is reflective and responsive when approaching his golf game.  He has also been clutch when his team needed him this season. His continued success can be attributed to his work ethic and attitude.  All of this makes Ryan a model of what a teammate should be.   #TeeItHighWatchItFly
  Emily Lucas, Senior
Girls Track & Field
The Girls Track & Field Team’s nomination for Hawklete of the Week is Emily Lucas.  Emily is a member of the Hawks throwing crew, competing in both the javelin and discus.  Emily has consistently improved over the years with much hard work and dedication, on top of being a great teammate and just a good person.  Emily will be competing in both the javelin and discus in the Sunflower League Championships this Friday and the Regional Championships next Friday.   Congratulations Emily!!
  Trey Gurwell, Junior
Boys Tennis
Trey epitomizes the idea of a team player.  When not playing in a match, he always offers words of support and encouragement to his teammates.  When at practice, he always goes the extra mile to ensure that it starts and ends appropriately.  Trey continually places the team’s interests above his.  In addition, he is  respectful, dedicated, and coachable which makes our job pretty easy. 

April 23rd – April 25th | Devin Conley (Softball) & Cole Villasenor (Boys Tennis)

  Devin Conley, Senior
Over the last four years, the Lady Hawks Softball Program has had the honor of watching Devin Conley mature from a freshman with raw physical ability and no discipline to a fantastic senior team leader and student-athlete.  Devin is hitting .444 this season with two home runs and an amazing six doubles.  But what really sets Devin apart is her ability to communicate both on the field and off – she is the “coach” on the field and instinctively knows what is needed at any particular time in a game or situation.  She constantly reminds the coaching staff of what needs to be communicated to the players and helps keep everything on track along with keeping her own grades on track – no small feat!  Devin will be continuing her academic and athletic endeavors at Ottawa University next year and someday we hope to see Devin coaching her own team of players, sharing her experience and positive attitude with the next generation!
  Cole Villasenor, Junior
Boys Tennis
Cole Villasenor is a key contributor and leader of the Boys Tennis Team.  Cole is a dedicated player who has played #1 Doubles the entire season.  He is a coachable player that listens to advice, which has contributed to his continued improvement.  Cole is the team’s most dependable net player and his serve continues to improve.  He is respected by the coaching staff and his teammates because of his inclusive demeanor, especially when playing the Movie Game.

April 16th – April 20th | Emma Hagan (Girls Swimming) & Nathan Byard (Boys Golf)

Emma Hagan, Sophomore
Girls Swimming
Emma Hagan is a terrific young swimmer, with a strong work ethic and most of all, a dynamic personality that lends itself to being a fantastic teammate.  She is one of those athletes that checks all the boxes of a coach’s expectations:  she is committed to her sport, she is committed to her team, and she is committed to being the best that she can be both in and out of the water.  It is because of these traits mentioned, that Coach Youker believes Emma Hagan is a super nomination for Hawklete of the Week!  Congratulations Emma and best of luck throughout the rest of the season!
Nathan Byard, Junior
Boys Golf
Nathan Byard is a great example of what it means to be a student-athlete.  He combines consistently strong play on the golf course for our OE Golf team, as well as excelling in the classroom.  Nathan additionally finds time to be the pianist in Jazz Band and violinist in the Orchestra.  Nathan is always respectful and is a key member of the team, exhibiting calm and confidence.  He represents our team and school in a manner that should make us all proud. 

April 09th – April 13th | Katie Wingate (Girls Track & Field) & Devon Lujan (Baseball)

  Katie Wingate, Senior
Girls Track & Field
Katie is the only member of the Girls Track & Field Team that competes in four events at every meet.  She runs the 4×100 and 4×400 Relays and the 100 and 300 Hurdles.  Katie’s hard work and positive attitude has enabled her to become one of, if not, the most reliable athletes on the Track team.  Katie’s times keep improving each week, which will hopefully translate into a State Qualifying berth in one or more of her events.  Congratulations Katie!!
  Devon Lujan, Senior
Devon has had a great start to the season, overcoming a major knee injury to come back and help jumpstart our offense.  You are not going to find many individuals whom work harder or are more focused on improving themselves than Devon.  His work ethic and attention to detail is tremendous and a great example for our younger players to follow.  He always has a positive attitude and carries himself like a true competitor and leader for this program.  You will always find Devon smiling, encouraging others and remaining upbeat about every opportunity and challenge he is given.  Truly deserving of this award and we are extremely proud of the young man he is and what he has given for four years in our program, three of those as a Varsity player.  Thank you, Devon.

April 2nd – April 6th | Meg Voight (Girls Soccer), Ben Kahnk (Track & Field)

  Meg Voight, Senior
Girls Soccer
Meg is a senior Captain of our Soccer team. She is a 4-year Varsity player and has worked hard to give OE soccer her best. A coach can tell a lot about an individual by watching their behavior to their fellow players after something goes well. Meg is that great teammate who is the first to genuinely acknowledge their success. She is always positive and enthusiastic and she cares about her team. As Captain, she is an extension of our coaching staff and has the respect of her peers. I can delegate responsibilities to Meg and remain confident that she will fulfill the task. It is my pleasure to nominate Meg as our OE Soccer Hawklete of the Week. Congratulations Meg – well-deserved!
  Ben Kahnk, Senior
Boys Track and Field
Senior Ben Kahnk will be a four-year letter winner when the season ends, and he currently ranks #3 on our all-time list for the 3200.  No one on our Track Team works harder than Ben Kahnk, whether it be on the track or in the weight room.  Ben is a role model for our younger runners and most of all, he is just a great kid!  We look forward to watching Ben continue his running career as a member of the Pittsburg State University Track and Cross-Country teams next year!

March 26th – March 30th | Megan Weigel (Softball), Ryan Kempker (Boys Tennis), and Sam Sweat (Boys Tennis)

  Megan Weigel, Senior
Senior Megan Weigel is being recognized as the Hawklete of the Week, not only for her leadership on the Lady Hawks Softball Team, but also for her support of all things Hawk!  Megan has an outstanding work ethic – she is always looking for a few more pitches when taking BP or running down a few more tennis ball fly balls. She works to make sure everyone on the team is included and is a great role model as a student-athlete for our younger players. On top of all this, Megan is a big supporter for all other OE student-athletes, being present at men’s and women’s basketball events and supporting all the other teams. We look forward to Megan’s senior season as a Hawk and watching her play at JCCC next year!
  Ryan Kempker, Freshman & Sam Sweat, Freshman
Boys Tennis
Ryan Kempker and Sam Sweat are two freshman who could develop into an excellent Doubles Team. They are athletic and understand that playing doubles requires teamwork and communication. At the Too Big Invitational Tennis Tournament, this doubles team lost a hard fought first match. However, Ryan and Sam persevered, they won their next three matches and received medals. More important, win or lose, they always display outstanding sportsmanship.

March 19th – March 23rd | Mackenzie Bohn (Girls Swimming), Bailey Turner (Girls Track & Field),
JD Bickley (Boys Golf) & Matt Olson (Baseball)

  Mackenzie Bohn, Senior
Girls Swimming
Mackenzie has been an integral part of the Lady Hawks Swim & Dive Team for the last four years, representing the team both in and out of the water in a championship manner.  By providing a welcoming disposition to all on the team, demonstrating a high caliber work ethic, and most of all, representing an attitude of “we before me,” she is everything a coach would want in a student-athlete.  She is invested in the program, she has high expectations for herself, and she continues to respect her teammates and the process of improving!  Fantastic job Mackenzie, you are extremely deserving of this week’s nomination for “Hawklete of the Week!”
  Bailey Turner, Senior
Girls Track & Field
Bailey is the Olathe East school record holder in the Long Jump and a six-time State Medalist with one State Championship in the 2017 Long Jump.  Bailey has been a solid contributor to the Lady Track & Field Team the past three seasons.  Bailey has stepped-up her work ethic this Winter and Spring with hopes of defending her Long Jump championship and adding to her state medal total.  Bailey will be attending Park University after high school, where she will be a member of their Track & Field Team.
  JD Bickley, Senior
Boys Golf
Senior JD Bickley is new to the Olathe East Golf team this year, but that hasn’t stopped him from already playing an important role on the team.  JD is able to add levity and inject fun into a very competitive team.  As we look forward to the start of the season, the positive attitude and skill that JD and the rest of the team bring to the course will lead OE Golf forward into a great year!
  Matt Olson, Senior
Matt Olson has had a great start to the season, picking up our first win and getting the save in our second game, pitching three shutout innings to start the year.  More importantly, Matt is one of the hardest workers and dedicated members of our baseball club, always doing whatever the team needs to be successful.  He is a tremendous person and representative of the Hawks Baseball Club for this honor.


March 5th – March 9th | Katie Gleason (Girls Basketball) & Luke Stuewe (Boys Basketball)

  Katie Gleason, Senior
Girls Basketball
Katie has been a fixture in the starting lineup at point guard for the Girls Basketball Team for 3 years.  During Katie’s time on the team, she has always had a team first mentality.  Katie has never once mentioned how many points she has scored or anything that didn’t have to do with the team.  What is most impressive about Katie is that over her career, she has dealt with a number of injuries and pain during practices and games and has never used them as an excuse.  Katie is always smiling – usually smiling through pain – so that she can do her job to help lead the team.  We asked Katie to play through some very tough times this year and she has always stepped up.  Katie is a huge reason why we had our success this season.
  Luke Stuewe, Senior
Boys Basketball
Senior Luke Stuewe helped his team to a strong finish and a trip to the 6A State Boys Basketball Tournament.  Playing with both defensive and offensive intensity, Luke finished his senior year with distinction, earning All-Sunflower League Honorable Mention Honors!

February 26th – March 02nd | Rae Esser & Peyton Lunbeck (Girls Bowling) & Triston Lundberg (Boys Bowling)

  Rae Esser, Senior & Peyton Lunbeck, Senior
Girls Bowling
Rae and Peyton have both been solid contributors to the Lady Hawks Bowling Team for four years and their games at the 6A State Girls Bowling Tournament helped the team earn the girls’ best finish in school history – 5th Place! Both Rae and Peyton have worked hard over their high school career and their efforts and improvements were a key to the program’s most successful season yet!
  Triston Lundberg, Sophomore
Boys Bowling
Not only has Triston been a fantastic contributor in meets and tournaments this season, but his ability to encourage his teammates at practice has had a major effect on our team’s success! Triston earned 10th Place at the 6A State Boys Bowling Tournament, helping to lead the Hawks to a 3rd Place finish! 

February 19th – February 23rd | Courtney Kearney (Girls Basketball) & Philip Costello (Boys Swim & Dive)

  Courtney Kearney, Sophomore
Girls Basketball
Courtney comes to practice every single day with a smile and a willingness to work.  She has improved as much or more as any player in the program over the last two years because of her work ethic.  Courtney has blended that work ethic with a great desire to improve.  Courtney is the most coachable player in the program taking constructive criticism each day and making herself better.  Courtney has all of these positive qualities, but what makes her special is her love of her teammates.  Courtney is consumed most by what makes her teammates better each day or what can benefit the varsity group the most when they are competing. Courtney is loved by her teammates for her personality, character, hard work, and amazing baked goods that she randomly brings to practice.  She is always looking out for her teammates.
  Philip Costello, Sophomore
Boys Swim & Dive
Philip is a tremendously deserving nominee for this award, and is a fantastic example of a student-athlete who challenges himself on a daily basis by setting high expectations of himself during practice, while competing, and interacting with his teammates in every manner a coach would appreciate.  Philip is willing to be the guy who leads by example, while motivating his teammates to go beyond their perceived levels and expect more of themselves.  Philip Costello, it is an honor to have you on Olathe East’s Swimming & Diving Team.

February 12th – February 16th | Abby Barr (Girls Bowling) & Logan Van Dyke (Wrestling)

Abby Barr, Senior
Girls Bowling
|Abby has been a member of the Lady Hawks Bowling Team since her freshman year and has grown into one of our top performers. She is a quiet leader on the team, who is always pushing herself and her teammates to do their very best. Congratulations, Abby!
Logan Van Dyke, Sophomore
Logan has been the most selfless teammate this season. He moved up a weight class to fill a hole in the Varsity line-up and, although this has been a tough move for him, he did it in the best interest of the team. Logan has wrestled through some minor injuries, including a cut on his eye that required him have stitches and wear a protective mask while wrestling.  Logan has shown extreme toughness and grit having wrestled up a weight class as only a sophomore. Logan is a very dependable teammate, one of the hardest workers at practice, and just an all-around great young man! We are excited to see what Logan’s future holds for Olathe East Wrestling.

February 05th – February 09th | Sydney Wilson (Girls Basketball) & Jace Sanders (Boys Bowling)

  Sydney Wilson, Senior
Girls Basketball
This week Sydney became the 5th girl in school history to surpass the 1000 point mark for her career at Olathe East, but what makes Sydney truly special is how much better she makes her teammates and coaches.  Sydney’s selflessness, character, and determination have left a lasting mark on the program.  When the leader of a team is your hardest worker, then you can have the special type of season that we are having.  All you would need to know about Sydney is how much her teammates love her.  Sydney is the best player that we have had the privilege of coaching in our 8 years, but what is even greater is that she is the possibly the best teammate as well.
  Jace Sanders, Junior
Boys Bowling
Jace has been the most consistent member of the Boys Team this year. He’s carrying a 203 average and earned 1st Place at a couple of individual tournaments. While he’s a quiet guy, his work ethic and manor, make him a natural team leader!

January 29th – February 2nd | Sydney Miller (Girls Bowling) & Trenton White (Boys Basketball)

  Sydney Miller, Junior
Girls Bowling
Not only has Sydney has been the most consistent bowler this season, she is leading the entire team with the highest average and has won all but one tournament this year! Sydney is a leader for both teams and is a delight to have on the squad!
  Trenton White, Senior
Boys Basketball
Although senior Trenton has not gotten much playing time, his contributions to this year’s team has been noteworthy.  His positive attitude and vocal, take charge leadership is a model of what it means to be a team player.  At practice and in games, Trenton consistently gives his best effort.  His altruistic support of his teammates demonstrates what is best about high school athletics.

January 22nd – January 26th | Samantha Carr (Girls Basketball) & Jayden Avena (Wrestling)

  Samantha Carr, Freshman
Girls Basketball
Samantha Carr is one of the hardest working kids I’ve ever had the privilege of coaching.  She always has a smile on her face that lights up the whole gym.  Sam is the consummate teammate who is always uplifting and leading by example.  Seeing someone use every ounce of their ability each time they step on the court is something that I cherish as a coach because it sets the tone for everyone else. Sam is willing to do anything that you ask of her, and is always there for her teammates.  I’ve never once heard her complain about anything and that speaks volumes to her character.  Her attitude is contagious to the rest of the team and I know all of the girls love having her around.  I am proud to be able to coach her and I know she is destined for great things in her life no matter where the journey takes her.
  Jayden Avena, Junior
Jayden, a junior for the Hawks Wrestling Team, is a two-time Varsity starter for the Hawks.  Jayden only started wrestling as a freshman and has worked hard to propel himself into one of the elite guys in the area. Jayden already has 22 wins on the season and just earned 4th Place at the Husky Invitational, which is his best tournament finish to date.  With his season accomplishments aside, Jayden is great leader for the Wrestling team.  He is consistent and coachable and brings a work ethic into the practice room that is contagious for all the younger Hawk wrestlers.  The coaching staff is very proud of Jayden and excited to see what else he will accomplish this season.  

January 15th – January 19th | Katie Rhodes (Girls Bowling) & Corbin Kinsch (Boys Swim & Dive)

  Katie Rhodes, Junior
Girls Bowling
Katie Rhodes had a tremendous performance at our season opener!  Katie, along with Sydney Miller, are our leaders for our Varsity Girls Team. Katie has always pushed herself to be better and in yesterday’s match, she put up personal bests in individual games, a 263, and series 631. Great job, Katie!
  Corbin Kinsch, Senior
Boys Swim & Dive
Corbin Kinsch is Olathe East Swimming & Diving’s Hawklete of the Week, and Coach Youker’s highest endorsement!  Corbin is a tireless worker who strives every day to better himself as a swimmer and a leader who demonstrates selflessness daily.   Our team is made up of all levels of abilities, maturity, and motivation.  Regardless of the level, Corbin demonstrates a skill to relate with all team members and earn the respect of his teammates.   His capacity to be engaging, providing a sense of humor, and being approachable for all, are only a few examples of why he is so well respected and liked.  Corbin, you are a very deserving swimmer to be named Hawklete of the Week – congratulations!

January 08th – January 12th | Molly Kaemmer (Girls Basketball) & Jake Crawford (Boys Bowling)

Molly Kaemmer, Sophomore
Girls Basketball
Molly just had the best week of her high school basketball career and none of it had anything to do with scoring or any individual accolades.  Every game Molly has to battle the other team’s biggest player and she never complains or makes excuses.  Molly always puts the team above herself and continues to stay positive and smiling even when being criticized.  Molly’s effort  and hustle have set a tone for the entire team.  The coaching staff is extremely proud and privileged to work with Molly.
Jake Crawford, Freshman
Boys Bowling
As a freshman and a newcomer to the Hawks Bowling Program, Jake has been the setting the example through his work ethic and respectful attitude towards his coaches and teammates.  Jake’s hard work is already paying off as he currently holds the leading average through the first week of practice.

December 18th – December 22nd | Kaleb Mackey (Boys Basketball), Hope Owens (Girls Basketball),
& Aidan Walters (Boys Swim & Dive)

  Kaleb Mackey, Senior
Boys Basketball
Kaleb demonstrates his leadership through his high energy and consistent all-out effort both defensively and offensively. Giving his best effort every day and encouraging his teammates, Kaleb epitomizes the unselfish face of this year’s team.
  Hope Owens, Senior
Girls Basketball
Hope had one of the best games of her career versus SMNW, but what is the greatest thing about Hope is how much she cares about the well-being of the team.  Hope always puts the team first. Hope is consistent.  You know what you are going to get every single day and it always involves sacrifice for the team.  Hope is possibly the best all-around person that the staff has had the privilege to coach.
  Aidan Walters, Sophomore
Boys Swim & Dive
Aidan is a great example of what a coach would want on his team – a dedicated athlete who strives to improve on a daily basis, and yet finds the time to make his teammates better every practice. Whether through encouraging acts, leading by example, or developing trusting relationships, Aidan has provided a leadership element to our team that has been hard to ignore, but fun to recognize.  Continue the great work Aidan, you are on your way to having a successful season for the Hawks Swimming and Diving team!

December 11th – December 15th |Jillian Weishaar (Girls Basketball) & Wyatt Mackley (Wrestling)

  Jillian Weishaar, Junior
Girls Basketball Team
Jillian comes to every practice and every game thinking only about what she can do to help her team. She has a positive attitude, never caring about who is doing the scoring or how many minutes someone is getting.  Jillian is the perfect example of a student athlete that continues to work hard every day, never complains and EARNS everything that she has been given.  Jillian is an great example for all of the younger girls trying to work for a varsity spot.  She is greatly valued and appreciated by her coaches.
  Wyatt Mackley, Junior
Wrestling Team
Wyatt, a three-year starter for the Hawks Wrestling team, is off to a great start after medaling in the SMNW Cougar Invitational last weekend and beating the #4 ranked 6A wrestler at his weight class.  Wyatt is a great example of what it means to be a OE wrestler.  He is one of the hardest workers in practice and sets a great example every day with his leadership and effort.


October 16th – October 20th | Alyssa Penn (Gymnastics) & Jake Buechler (Boys Cross-Country)

  Alyssa Penn, Junior
Gymnastics Team
Every day, Alyssa comes to practice ready to push herself. She sets extremely high individual and team ambitions, and is determined to put in the work and energy needed to be successful. She is focused, determined, and proudly represents Olathe East. Alyssa’s constant leadership has helped motivate the entire Gymnastics Team. She leads by example and always puts her team goals ahead of her individual aspirations. Alyssa’s teammates and coaches can always count on her for support, encouragement, a hug, and a smile!
  Jake Buechler, Senior
Boys Cross-Country Team
Jake has been a vital part of the Hawks Cross-Country program these past four years, and finished his career on a high note, winning the C-Team Sunflower League Championship!  Jake’s ability to motivate by example was a key part of this year’s success with the C-Team and Junior Varsity squads, and he helped train future Varsity Hawks in the values and rewards of hard work and dedication that have made the Hawks Cross- Country Team six-time State Champions!

October 09th – October 13th | Cindy Zhang (Girls Tennis) & Ryan Brockschmidt (Football)

  Cindy Zhang, Senior
Girls Tennis Team
Senior Cindy Zhang is an exemplary example of how a Senior should act on a team.  She is a natural leader and always shows great sportsmanship.  Cindy always has a great attitude at practice and it rubs off on her fellow teammates.  She always makes sure everyone is included and she makes sure everyone is having fun. Congratulations on a fantastic Senior season, Cindy!
  Ryan Brockschmidt, Senior
Football Team
Ryan has been a “rock” for our team and program for the last three years.  He is consistent with his attitude and effort.  Ryan is very coachable and has a great demeanor on the field.  He leads by example and has always put the team’s best interests ahead of his own personal interests.  Ryan is a great ambassador for our football program and Olathe East!


October 02nd – October 06th | Gracie Davis (Girls Golf) & Andrea Rizzi (Boys Soccer)

  Gracie Davis, Junior
Girls Golf Team
Gracie is a tireless worker who always strives to succeed.  She has shown marked improvement in her game through relentless practice and play.  Gracie is a leader with her positive attitude and work ethic on and off the course.  A busy student-athlete, Gracie has excelled while balancing school and golf.  Olathe East could have no finer ambassador than Gracie Davis.
  Andrea Rizzi, Senior
Boys Soccer Team
Andrea comes to Olathe East soccer an unselfish player that elevates the play of those around him.  He values and respects the game as well as his opponents. His sportsmanship to all on the field is a display to be admired. He is a gifted goal scorer as well as an talented play maker. He is a valued teammate and a pleasure to coach.

September 25th – September 29th | Porter Adams (Cross-Country) & Rachel Post (Cross-Country)

  Porter Adams, Senior
Cross-Country Team
Porter is a true example of the value and reward of hard work. As a freshman, Porter split his time on the Hawks Cross-Country and Golf teams. Starting his sophomore year, Porter began to concentrate on Cross Country and Track.  He has lowered his time over four minutes for the 5k from his freshman year, and is now a valued runner on the Hawks defending state champion varsity team. His leadership by example is appreciated by all his team-mates, and he is a great example of perseverance and dedication.
  Rachel Post, Senior
Cross-Country Team
Rachel is a four year starter on the Hawks varsity, beginning her career with the Hawks state champion team in 2014.  But during the spring season, Rachel tore her ACL. She has worked her way back to running again on the Hawks varsity, an accomplishment of courage and determination that is rarely seen. Rachel’s hard work and drive have served as great example of overcoming set-backs and limits and is a demonstration that no matter what obstacles are put in your life, determination and courage can work to overcome them.

September 18th – September 22nd | Lily Johnson (Volleyball) & Tre’von Kearney (Football)

  Tre’von Kearney, Junior
Football Team
Trey continues to improve as a football player in large part due to his focus and effort.  He approaches every rep in practice like it’s a game winning rep.  Last Friday versus Liberty, Trey rushed for 125 yards and he also had 2 interceptions.  Trey is a great teammate and he always puts the team first.  Aside from his physical abilities, Trey’s positive body language is contagious.  We expect more from our best and Trey is delivering with his team first attitude and his performance.
  Lily Johnson, Senior
Volleyball Team
Lily has been on fire over the last week and has been a big part of the Hawks winning their last five consecutive matches.  In those five matches, she has led the team by hitting .382 with 55 kills and 11 blocks.  At the Hayden tournament, the Hawks finished 3-3 and Lily was named to the all-tournament team by the opposing coaches.  Lily brings an abundance of positive energy to the floor by shrugging off mistakes, being accountable, and stepping up on the next play.  Playing in a new position this year, Lily’s confidence continues to grow as the season progresses and there is great potential for both her and the Hawks volleyball team.

September 11th – September 15th | Olivia Rance (Girls Tennis) & Parker Esparza (Boys Soccer)

Parker Esparza, Junior
Boys Soccer Team
Parker is currently leading the Hawks soccer team in scoring with 4 goals. His two goals Tuesday propelled the Hawks to a victory over Gardner-Edgerton. He always gives 100% and has that never give up attitude. Parker is a great teammate who cares about others, more than about himself. His work rate is contagious on the field and as a captain he is a natural leader. Congratulations to Parker Esparza, a wonderful example of a multisport student-athlete who works hard to obtain personal and team greatness.
  Olivia Rance, Junior
Girls Tennis Team
Olivia is always full of energy and welcomes any one onto the tennis court. She encourages anyone that she plays doubles with. Olivia loves to get better and loves to hear new ideas on how to play. Olivia represents the Lady Hawks Tennis Team through her sportsmanship, her passion, and her patience. Olivia is a fantastic tennis player because she looks for solutions while playing and she is not afraid to cheer her teammates on.


September 04th – September 08th | Liz Wasinger (Gymnastics) & Cole Young (Boys Cross-Country)

  Liz Wazinger, Sophomore
Gymnastics Team
Liz was an instrumental piece to helping our Olathe East Gymnastics team take 1st Place at the first meet of the season. She was steady and consistent in all four of her performances, and took 5th place in the All-Around. In practices, Liz is the hardest worker on the team. She continually pushes herself to be the best gymnast she can be. She has extremely high expectations of herself and her team. She leads by example, and is a successful gymnast due to her mental toughness, strong determination, and unwavering passion for gymnastics.
  Cole Young, Senior
Boys Cross-Country Team
Cole has inspired our team over the last four years with his ceaseless effort and devotion.  He is now almost five minutes faster for the 5k than he was as a freshman!  More importantly Cole comes to practice every day with a great attitude and desire to be better and inspires others to be better!  At meets Cole takes a leadership role with his teammates, and we can always count on him to do what needs to be done to make us a better team.


August 28th – September 01st | Kylie Durham (Girls Golf) & TyJuan Lewis (Football)

Kylie Durham, Senior
Girls Golf Team
Kylie is the epitome of what OE Golf Stands for. She works hard and is always supportive of her teammates. Her positive and caring attitude is present regardless of circumstance. Kylie is playing her 4th year on the golf team and second year on Varsity. We look forward to an excellent season with seniors like Kylie leading the way.
Ty’Juan Lewis, Senior
Football Team
Ty’Juan brings a great attitude and tremendous effort every day. He had 7 catches for 110 yards in our opener versus Hutchinson. Ty’Juan’s big plays kept our team in the game until the very end. He leads by example every day. Ty’Juan has never missed a practice or skipped a repetition in the weight room. His positive attitude is contagious and we are proud to have him as a team captain.


August 21st – August 25th | Meg Voigt (Girls Cross-Country) & Aspen Gibson (Boys Soccer)

  Meg Voight, Senior
Girls Cross-Country Team
Meg is a driving force on the Hawks Cross- Country team this year.  She captained our summer runs and set a standard for hard work and high expectations.  This is welcoming to young runners and encourages everyone to give their best efforts in practice.  Meg will lead the Lady Hawks into action Thursday at the Olathe East Invitational at Lone Elm Park.
  Aspen Gibson, Junior
Boys Soccer Team
As our Varsity Goalkeeper, Aspen played extremely well versus ONW in our home opener. His brilliant individual saves kept the Hawks in the game. He is that quiet leader of our team that always displays grit and determination. Congratulations Aspen on a job well done!