Olathe East Faculty

Olathe East Faculty/Staff

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Alford, Caitlyn calford@olatheschools.org Language Arts / Yearbook
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Bajich, Donna dlbajich@olatheschools.org Mathematics
Bayha, Julie jbayhaoe@olatheschools.org International Language
Beck, Lesley lbeckoe@olatheschools.org Mathematics
Bigbee, Lynn lbigbeeoe@olatheschools.org FACS
Blevins, Alicia ablevin@olatheschools.org Special Services
Boggs, Bridget bboggsoe@olatheschools.org Physical Education
Book, Ann ambook@olatheschools.org Counselor (McF-Sa)
Bosworth, Kevin kbosworthoe@olatheschools.org Science
Bozarth, Anthony abozarthoe@olatheschools.org Social Sciences
Brown, Chad cbrownoe@olatheschools.org Language Arts /  AVID
Bundridge, Beth babundridge@olatheschools.org Receptionist
Burris, Melanie mburrisoe@olatheschools.org Speech Therapist
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Carey, Katrina kcareypt@olatheschools.org International Language
Caslow, Katie kcaslowoe@olatheschools.org Sign Language
Clark, Erik eclarksro@olatheschools.org Student Resource Officer
Coddington, Sarah scoddingtonoe@olatheschools.org Science
Colwell, Kevin kjcolwell@olatheschools.org Mathematics
Creek, Jennifer jcreekoe@olatheschools.org Band
Cronan, Carrie ccronanct@olatheschools.org Business / Computers
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Daniels, Glenn gdanielsoe@olatheschools.org Science
Davidson, Marianne mdavidsonoe@olatheschools.org Office Assistant
Davis, Andrew acdavis@olatheschools.org Science
Dawson, Megan mdawsonoe@olatheschools.org Mathematics
Dieckmann, Chanelle cmdieckmann@olatheschools.org Mathematics
Dringman, Toni tmdringman@olatheschools.org Social Science
Durham, Tina cdurhamoe@olatheschools.org Assistant to 21st Century Programs
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Earnshaw, Elizabeth eearnshawoe@olatheschools.org Language Arts
Estrada, Alex aestradaoe@olatheschools.org Lead Custodian
Ewonus, Ginger vewonusoe@olatheschools.org Attendance
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Feaster, Scott jfeasteroe@olatheschools.org Language Arts
Fisher Haskins, Machele wmfisherhaskin@olatheschools.org DHH
Fraher, Angela afraheroe@olatheschools.org Special Services
Francis, Breanna bfrancisoe@olatheschools.org Social Sciences / Leadership
Franz, Elli efranzoe@olatheschools.org Data Operator
Franzen, Steve sfranzenoe@olatheschools.org Language Arts
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Gabel, Pam pmgabel@olatheschools.org Special Services, ELL Science
Gaefke, Christine cgaefkeoe@olatheschools.org Media Center Assistant
Gaghen, Abigeal agaghenoe@olatheschools.org School Psychologist
Gasser, Valerie vgasseroe@olatheschools.org Speech Pathologist
Giesecke, Jackie jkarmatasgiesecke@olatheschools.org Admin Assist to Principal
Gillett, Sheri sagillett@olatheschools.org Environmental Design
Goddard, Garry ggoddardoe@olatheschools.org Science / Theatre
Goddard, Stacy sgoddardoe@olatheschools.org Language Arts
Greenstreet, Patty pgreenstreetoe@olatheschools.org Business / Computers
Greer, Travis tgreeroe@olatheschools.org Physical Education
Gunn, Jacob jgunnoe@olatheschools.org Science
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Hagstrom, Jolene jhagstromoe@olatheschools.org Special Services
Hain, Steve srhain@olatheschools.org Business / Computers
Hair, Mary mhairoe@olatheschools.org Mathematics
Hair, Terry thairoe@olatheschools.org Physical Education
Hanf, Michael mjhanf@olatheschools.org Orchestra
Hanks, Christine chanksoe@olatheschools.org International Language
Hansen, Kim khansenoe@olatheschools.org Mathematics
Heinen, Connie cjheinen@olatheschools.org Special Services
Hernandez, Janel jhernandezoe@olatheschools.org AD Secretary
Herrick, Liz eaherrick@olatheschools.org Special Services
Hill, Amy ahilloe@olatheschools.org Special Services
Hinderliter, Hilary hphinderlieter@olatheschools.org Physical Education
Hink, Andrea aehink@olatheschools.org Art
Hodnik, Joe jhodnikoe@olatheschools.org Social Science
Holder, Gail geholder@olatheschools.org Assistant Principal
Hollan, Melinda mhollanoe@olatheschools.org Mathematics
Hollister, Britt bhollisteroe@olatheschools.org Admin Asst. to Asst Principals
Howell, Kari khowelloe@olatheschools.org Language Arts
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Iles, Blake bdiles@olatheschools.org Mathematics
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Jarboe, Jennifer jcjarboe@olatheschools.org Attendance Aide
Jarvis, Sean svjarvis@olatheschools.org Business / Computers
Johns, Nancy njohnsoe@olatheschools.org School Nurse
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Keach, Todd tkeachoe@olatheschools.org Social Science
Kelly, Rachel rmkelly@olatheschools.org Mathematics
Kendall, Calin kkendalloe@olatheschools.org Science
Kimmel, Cindi ckimmeloe@olatheschools.org Language Arts
Kirk, Karen kbourlandoe@olatheschools.org Language Arts / Newspaper
Kling, David dklingoe@olatheschools.org Environmental Design
Kratzberg, Lyndsey lakratzberg@olatheschools.org Business/Computers
Kreimendahl, Caine cwkreimendahl@olatheschools.org Social Science
Kroeker, Amy akroekeroe@olatheschools.org International Language
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LaMar, Anne alamaroe@olatheschools.org FACS
Lane, Kerry kjlane@olatheschools.org Principal
Langston, Becky blangstonoe@olatheschools.org Nurse’s Aide
Larkin, Keith klarkinoe@olatheschools.org Language Arts
Larson, Lance llarsonoe@olatheschools.org Technology Education
Lenz, Patrick pjlenz@olatheschools.org Social Science
Lewis, Blair bmlewis@olatheschools.org Mathematics
Lightle, Bryson bglightle@olatheschools.org Art
Ludwig, Lori lludwigoe@olatheschools.org Art
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Magee, Amber dmageeoe@olatheschools.org Mathematics
Maring, Tracy trmaring@olatheschools.org Assistant Principal
McDonald, Kristin klmcdonald@olatheschools.org FACS
McNerney, Shelly smcnerneyoe@olatheschools.org Librarian
McWhorter, Monica mmcwhorteroe@olatheschools.org Mathematics
Meives, Ronda rmeivesoe@olatheschools.org International Language
Mendez, Isaias imendez@olatheschools.org English Language Learners (ELL)
Meyers, Tammy trsalwaymeyers@olatheschools.org Business / Computers
Motta, Robin rmottaoe@olatheschools.org Nurse, Life Skills
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Nielsen, Melissa mnielsenoe@olatheschools.org Science
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Ockerhausen, Julia jockerhausenoe@olatheschools.org Special Services
O’Grady, Keeley kogradyoe@olatheschools.org Business / Computer
Ostrom, Judy jaostrom@olatheschools.org Counseling
Owen, Jesse jowenoe@olatheschools.org Physical Education
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Paschall, Laura lbpaschall@olatheschools.org Special Services
Peete, Jason jmpeete@olatheschools.org Physical Education
Peterson, Kirk kepeterson@olatheschools.org Social Science, Civic Leadership
Plaschke, William wjplaschke@olatheschools.org Language Arts
Purdon, Baker blpurdon@olatheschools.org Performing Arts / Choir
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Rentfrow, Matt merentfrow@olatheschools.org Language Arts
Reynolds, Brent breynoldsoe@olatheschools.org Math
Richard, Tiffany trichardoe@olatheschools.org Science
Rippee, Jennifer jrippeeoe@olatheschools.org Language Arts
Robbins, Darian dlrobbins@olatheschools.org Science
Robinette, Tamara trobinetteoe@olatheschools.org Social Worker
Rushing, Shelby srushingoe@olatheschools.org Mathematics
Ryan, Natalie nryanoe@olatheschools.org Counselor (Sc-Z)
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Salzman, Jennifer jsalzmanoe@olatheschools.org International Language
Saunders, Kevin kgsaunders@olatheschools.org Special Services, ELL Social Science
Sawyer, Jacob jrsawyer@olatheschools.org Science
Schelp, Jared jschelpoe@olatheschools.org Special Services
Schmale, David dschmaleoe@olatheschools.org Special Services
Schmale, Whitney wschmaleoe@olatheschools.org Counselor (A-Dan)
Schuberth, Robin reschuberth@olatheschools.org Environmental Design
Schultz, Lauren lnschultz@olatheschools.org French
Sellers, Melissa msellersoe@olatheschools.org Art
Shafer, Eddie eshaferoe@olatheschools.org Theater
Shaw, Shelly sshawoe@olatheschools.org Counselor (Ho-McE)
Smikahl, Jeff jsmikahloe@olatheschools.org Instrumental Music / Band
Smith, Mary mlsmith@olatheschools.org Counselor (Dar-Hi, CBR)
Smull, Carmen csmulloe@olatheschools.org International Language
Spurlin, Stan sspurlinoe@olatheschools.org Science
Staples, Shelley mjstaples@olatheschools.org Future Educators/FACS
Steinberg, Jessica jesteinberg@olatheschools.org  Read 180, English 1
Stephens, Tina tstephensoe@olatheschools.org Social Science
Stephenson, Matt mstephensonoe@olatheschools.org Social Science
Stewart, Debbie dstewartoe@olatheschools.org Counseling Assistant/ Registrar
Stiles, Josie jstilesoe@olatheschools.org Science
Stockemer, Camille cbstockemer@olatheschools.org College Advisory
Stoppel, Kaleb kastoppel@olatheschools.org Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Super, Jim jsuperoe@olatheschools.org Language Arts
Swindler, Jaimie jswindleroe@olatheschools.org Special Services
Swyers, Gretl gsheltonoe@olatheschools.org Language Arts
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Taylor, Kraig ktayloroe@olatheschools.org Assistant Principal
Taylor, Shelby sntaylor@olatheschools.org Social Science
Thibaudeau, Jon jrthibaudeau@olatheschools.org Science
Thibodeau, Chuck cthibodeauoe@olatheschools.org Social Science
Thomas, John jthomasoe@olatheschools.org Special Services
Thomas, Michael mthomasoe@olatheschools.org Mathematics
Thuston, Nathaniel nthustonoe@olatheschools.org Social Science
Tjaden, Nancy ntjadenoe@olatheschools.org Social Science / Psychology
Tow, Heather htowoe@olatheschools.org Language Arts
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Valentine, Pam pvalentineoe@olatheschools.org International Language
VanHooser, Mary muvanhooser@olatheschools.org Special Services
Varraveto, Tish pvarravetooe@olatheschools.org Special Services
Vohs, Jill jvohsoe@olatheschools.org FACS
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Waldron, Katelyn kmwaldron@olatheschools.org Mathematics
Weible, Tim tweibleoe@olatheschools.org Art
Welland, Beth bwellandoe@olatheschools.org Special Services
Williams, Justin jwilliamsoe@olatheschools.org Language Arts
Woodruff, Laurence lhwoodruffoe@olatheschools.org Science
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Yarnell, Lucas lyarnelloe@olatheschools.org Special Services
Young, Stephen syoungoe@olatheschools.org Science
Young, Tammy tayoung@olatheschools.org Counseling Aide
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