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Olathe Northwest is full of fresh talent. One place where students can develop certain talents in the Animation or Graphic design program. These programs can be really beneficial for students interested in creating logos, poster, or cartoons. ONW has many talented students and staff who are involved with the program.

Graphic design is a class that is part of the e-Communication 21st century program.  Sarah Strempke, a senior at ONW shares a little about why she enjoys the class, “I enjoy the freedom to explore different types of graphic design. I can just draw something scan it into the computer and make it into anything.” This is class really inspires a lot of creativity and imagination. Not only does it help with students imagination they can also get career opportunities and job experiences from this class. Lillie Haugh explains, “our teacher brings in a lot of projects that I never would have the opportunity to do normally, and I get some client work.”

Animation is very similar to graphic design in that it involves art on the computer. Animation instructor, Mr. Netterville says, “I recommend this class for students who are artistic, who are interested in excelling past graphic design, or students who are interested in cartoons, or Pixar.” This course should prepare you to handle the programs that are used in college settings and to prepare you for college-like projects. Ashley Taylor, a junior in animation at ONW explains what she has taken away from this program, “I’ve learned a lot of organization skills and about time limits, because deadlines are always closer than they seem.” This is good for college and career readiness. Drue Miles another junior in animation, shares why he enjoys this program, “I love how laid back this class is. I also like how we are like a big family, and we all love to animate.”

These programs are great additions to ONW. They are full of talented students and great teachers. If you like the prom, homecoming, or bloodrive posters that you may have seen around school before, you have these programs to thank. Many of the students in these programs will be featured at this year’s eMagine, hosted by ONW’s e-Communication program on April 6, 2013 at 7pm. If you are interested, come by and see what kind of talent your fellow classmates have.


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