RoarThe ONW Roar video is about high school. It is about a nameless, a faceless student, struggling through the “jungle” known as high school.  Jungles are complicated places – beautiful and terrifying, peaceful and chaotic, alive and endangered. High school is equally complicated. Tests, activities, and friendships are constant and unexpected. The faceless student journeys through these; a jungle of obstacles.  The mask keeps the student anonymous. He could be anyone.  It serves a second purpose and represents the “mask” that many students wear until they learn, often with the help of supportive peers, to find their inner “roar” and be themselves.

Unifying our school behind this message, 36 e-Communication Entertainment students,  hand-painted, costumed and coordinated our entire student body – around 2,000 students – to create this video for our 2013 Homecoming Week. The video was also submitted to the Good Morning America & Katy Perry Music Video Contest, and as a result, the entire production, from start to finish, took less than 3 weeks to complete.

The video and the outtakes can be viewed on the ONW Productions YouTube channel.


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