Collaboration leads to Kindness Boomerang

kindnessThrough an Olathe Public Schools Foundation collaborative grant with Meadow Lane second grade teacher, Amy Fontaine, 4 hand-held cameras and 4-tripods were purchased. Students in First and Second Hour Entertainment had the opportunity to spend six class days working with Mrs. Fontaine’s students. Entertainment students taught story boarding/storytelling, how to use the cameras, how to “direct” a production, and the basics of editing with iMovie. The final video was a “Pass-It-On” type music video called The Kindness Boomerang. (You can view their video here: Kindness Boomerang or embedded below.) The project itself supported this principal of “pay-it-forward”. After learning these skills, Mrs. Fontaine’s second grade was able to teach the other two second grade classes the same skills and the group of students are now well on their way to being film producers on their own. The hope is that we complete one more project with them during 4th quarter.

Anna-Lynn Morris
Entertainment Video/Department Facilitator


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