All-School Music Video Supports Olathe TLC

If you haven’t had  chance to view the All-School Music Video from last week, you can see it here.


You Matter 2014 – YouTube
An ONW all school music video to bring awareness to teen mental illness and raise money for Olathe TLC. Please share this video. Spread the Word. Make a difference!
Watch now…



From Mrs. Morris, Video Entertainment:

This was by far, our greatest undertaking in an all-school video. Attempting to choreograph around 900 students in and out of the flex with only volunteer practice time (before school) and brief face-to-face interactions to discuss with each group the goal made it especially challenging. If you have any of my students in class (particularly the Phoenixx Cartwright, Kharrington Debose and Manuel Mora), please recognize their hard work, sleepless nights and dedication to the process. It was definitely a learning experience for all of us.

Thank you for your support in this video, and more importantly the cause.

Our goal from the beginning was to raise money and awareness for Kids TLC. Please share the video and encourage your friends and family to continue donating to Kids TLC.”


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