e-Comm Student Blog Of the Week

It’s time for Blog Of the Week! Students chosen for Blog Of the Week are rocking their e-Comm blog/portfolio in all three areas of Content, Voice, and Presentation (as shown here: eravens.blogspot.com/2014/12/what-makes-good-blog-post.html)

This week, the honor for the second-ever e-Comm BOW (Blog Of the Week) goes to Anna Gaiche.  Anna is a sophomore, currently focusing on Animation and Video. Check out her blog post on a project:


e-Comm Student Blog Of the WeekAnna describes the project, tells us the process and what she learned, and has some good graphics.  Her voice successfully achieves that balance between professional/technical and friendly/casual.  Anna uses CARP well by having contrasting headings, and space between sections.

Great job, Anna!






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