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Isabel Lauby - Blog Of the WeekThis week’s e-Comm student Blog Of the Week belongs to Isabel Lauby. This post in particular is a shining example of a semester reflection – thoughtful content with links and media, well-written and formatted: Saying Goodbye to First Semester.

Nice work, Isabel!

Isabel is participating in the Convergence Journalism focus. Sometimes students aren’t too sure what Convergence Journalism is….  Read on!

Convergence Journalism students easily get more frequent public viewing of their work than any of our other students! In this hybrid focus they blend video broadcasting and written journalism, using Web and social media platforms. They write stories and conduct interviews, shoot and edit photos and video, post updates on Twitter, and publish this convergence of media on our websites, where it is available to students, parents and the wider public – faster than ever before. Among other things, they learn camera use, lighting, sound, editing, and script writing.

Raven Daily Convergence Journalism has their own website, Raven Daily, and weekly broadcast, ONW NOW.  Much of the content from those two sources also feeds our other ONW websites, where it is viewed daily by several hundred people. ONW NOWConvergence Journalism students are the reason that our websites are constantly updated with timely and interesting stories!

Some of our Convergence students go on to participate in well-regarded college programs like those at KU and MU.

If you have questions about our Convergence Journalism focus, please ask Mr. Court Allam.




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