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Graphic design influences everything we do. If you buy a lunchbox you’re going to buy the one pleasing to the eye. The way you design your room is based on if you think it’s pretty. The style we have now with the vintage look is now being reflected on to our logo designs.

Graphic Designers such as Emily Day know exactly what that is and how it reflects on the world.

New Beginnings:

Emily, a senior at Olathe Northwest, will attend Kansas State in the fall of 2015 and will major in Graphic Design. However, knowing her passion has not always been the case for Emily.

Emily started her pursuit during her junior year of high school after entering and winning an award for her vectored graphic in the eMagine competition.

Emily’s favorite part about graphic design is the “freedom that you can do whatever you want, there’s so many medias and it’s incredible what people will buy based on how it looks.”

Through the e-Communication program at ONW, the Graphic Design class was a huge building block in the career she chose.

“Through this program, I have made many connections that I couldn’t have done myself.”

The Drive:

Emily puts her style as simple, saying “less is more.”

From that, she pursued her passion for design and started to work with clients in and out of the school. Mrs. Lemanske, the head cheer coach at ONW, saw her potential and asked if Emily would design the cheer shirts for the ONW cheer Squad.


Emily started doing t-shirt work for a fraternity. Expanding on that she started a company with that student called Philanthropies.

“It’s about giving back through shirts,” Day said.

Many sources can drive passions and Day’s came straight from the source, saying that people she doesn’t know and the graphic design around her inspired her and her work.

Bittersweet Endings:

As the year comes to a close, sad endings and new beginnings are upon Day. As Day takes her last days through the school, she will remember her favorite part about high school.

“I’m going to miss the safety of it. If something goes wrong, you can work on it and get better.”


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