Kemp creates in and out of the classroom

“Producing movies started out as my homework and before I knew it, it became my favorite pastime.”

As she grew up, Emily Kemp loved watching movies and music videos. Little did she know, as a junior in high school she would have an even greater love for creating them. From producing short films to collaborating with her friends while using top of the line technology, Kemp is able to pursue her newfound passion with ease.

Emily is in the entertainment strand of Olathe Northwest’s e-Communication program. As a freshman, she enrolled in e9 classes and has been involved with the program ever since. She first became interested in videography because of her love for music videos, and quickly realized how interesting and complex the production process was. After taking graphic design and video as an underclassman, she knew entertainment was the direction she wanted to focus her creativity.

“Having the chance to work and collaborate with some of my best friends in a creative work environment has been more beneficial than I could’ve ever imagined.” Kemp said.

Emily has played soccer at Olathe Northwest for her entire high school career and stepped into a leadership role on varsity as a junior. Her plans for attending college are undecided but hopes she will be able to continue her soccer endeavors at the collegiate level. Emily thinks that the knowledge she has gained in entertainment will be very advantageous in pursing a business/production career.

Kora Blige was a very unique project that allowed me to be creative and have fun with some of my friends. The whole project was a blast and it was interesting to see how much laughter can come from making a scary movie. ”

Students like Emily are a great example of how the 21st Century programs in the Olathe school district produce very well rounded and experienced individuals.


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