e-Communication – much more than a fun way to learn tech & design skills!

It’s December! This means that the deadline to apply for 21st Century Academies is coming up in a couple of weeks. Maybe as an 8th-grader (or the parent of) you are wondering if e-Communication would be a good choice for you. Something to consider is that e-Communication is really much more than a fun way to learn a lot of technical or design skills! Check out this repost from the blog of Mr. Olson, our Web Design teacher.

e-Comm for life

When you take e-Communication classes, you aren’t learning a subject, so much as a way to communicate – about anything. It’s a lot like learning a new language – except this language lets you sense the world around you, think about it and feel it, and then communicate it to others with much more than words.


Share your passion

e-Communicate your passion!

e-Communication is how you can really reach people. What are you interested in? What do you love doing? e-Communication gives you ways to share it with the world, when a vocabulary of words alone would be inadequate.

Not every e-Comm student is going to end up working in journalism, video entertainment, animation, graphic design, or web design. However, all of you will carry with you the skills from these areas to apply to any future career, hobby, or passion.


Noteworthy analogy

For me, it was all about the drums.

To use my own experience as an analogy – music is what got me through junior high and high school. I earned my bachelors degree in music. By the time I finished that degree, I realized that I did not want to be a school music teacher. I taught lessons in a music store for a few years, while I tried out the life of a “full-time” professional musician. It didn’t take long to decide that wasn’t going to be my life-long career either. I finally got back to teaching school in other areas than music – BUT all my life there have been countless little ways that my music background has paid off. It’s a hobby and a love. Through music, I can communicate wordlessly from parts of myself that are otherwise hidden and silent. I am able to donate my musical talents to good causes. My life experience would be much less rich, less interesting, less beautiful – without that background in music. e-Communication may turn out to be to you what music is to me.


Your superpowers

evengers1e-Comm may not turn into a life-long career for you, but it will stay with you – giving you enriched ways to see the world around you, and to communicate what you see and what you are passionate about. Your ability to get your ideas across through some combination of writing, video, animation, graphic design, and web design gives your communication extra range and impact.

You may have noticed e-Communication’s new slogan this year:

Communicate, Collaborate, Innovate, DESIGN. 

This is the stuff that lasts, no matter what crazy new things happen with technology or software in your lifetime. We also hope you take away some project management and leadership skills, in addition to mastering the current technical content.


Go for it!

esquareSure, we love to see e-Communication alumni make it as professional designers, animators, broadcasters, entertainers, and so on – but our goals go beyond that. We especially hope that all of our students take these skills, these different ways of seeing the world and communicating to others what you see, to enrich your everyday lives – and maybe even to change the world, regardless of your occupation.


Plus, there’s always this — as our department chair, Mrs. Morris, puts it so succinctly:

“What we do is cool.”


Mr. O


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