Intro to Industrial Tech Picture Frames

This holiday, the Intro to Industrial Tech class is creating their very own picture frames for people to purchase to use in their homes as well as learn about the mass production of a product. “It has a mirror on one side, and then two little picture frames on the other side, and you can move them around in orientation that you would like” Process Leader Brady Giesken said. The students came up with multiple ideas and then voted on which idea they thought was best. Once they decided on their product, they would go more in depth about how to make them. “My idea was actually the mirror, and we decided to add the picture frames into it so it would have two purposes” Marketing Leader Carlee Kronawitter said. Even though the process can be very stressful, the students will take this experience and hopefully reach their ultimate goal. “To focus on the idea of mass producing [it] can be given as any type of gift, I’m giving it to members of my family for a christmas gift, so that is one way you can give to people” Fixtures Leader Wyatt Sharpe said.

The picture frames cost $20 and are available for students, teachers, and anyone else interested, to purchase, if you interested you can contact Mr. Hulsen in rm 1727 for more information. 








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