The 5 e-Comm Guarantees + 3 Superpowers

The 5 Guarantees of e-Comm

By now, e-Comm students can probably rattle off the 5 Guarantees of e-Communication:

Technical Skills, Communication, Leadership, Collaboration, and Project Management

Doing well in each of these areas not only prepares them for careers in their e-Comm focus areas (graphic design, web design, animation, video entertainment, convergence journalism, or sports information), but also many other fields! Sure, we hope to encourage students to go into careers in their e-Comm focus area, but sometimes students also develop other strong interests along their way through high school – or college – or adult life. Will a nurse, a business person, or a pastor benefit from having skills in those five areas? Most certainly!

The Plus Side of Having Multiple Interests

This TED video is precisely about those people that have more than one interest – “multipotentialites” – and the difficulties they face as they try to decide “what they want to be when they grow up”. It turns out that “multipotentialites” may also have some unique advantages or “superpowers”, bestowed upon them by virtue of their multiple interests or skills.

So, for e-Comm students (and their parents) who aren’t so sure that they will end up choosing an e-Comm-related career – it’s OK! In addition to the 5 guarantees of e-Comm, you might also bring these superpowers to the table in whatever career(s) you find yourself:  

Idea Synthesis, Rapid Learning, Adaptability

Here’s why, along with a look at some successful “multipotentialites”:

Why some of us don’t have one true calling – Emilie Wapnick


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