e-Communication Endorsement

What is an e-Communication endorsement?

The e-Communication endorsement is an extra notation on the transcript of a graduating senior showing that the student went above and beyond their regular class work to complete extra learning experiences, in addition to maintaining a solid GPA.

We encourage all our students to become endorsed!


Why should I get one?

  • The endorsement is a good indication for colleges and employers that they are looking at a super-dedicated e-Communication student.  It is like an honors designation.
  • Students who complete endorsement projects end up with some impressive extra projects in their portfolios to show potential colleges, clients or employers.
  • Endorsement projects give the student the valuable learning experience of working with clients – developing professional communication and collaboration skills.


What kinds of things can I do to get endorsed?

  • Accumulate hours of work above and beyond assigned class projects. There are several ways to accumulate hours:
    • Complete projects for clients.  Clients often come to us, but you may also find your own.
    • Enter extra projects in competitions (like our eMagine Media Festival).
    • Take a college course, summer tech camp, etc.  JCCC is a great place.
    • Teach others what you’ve learned – assist with a class, or work with a teacher or a client who needs to learn what you know.
    • Work at e-Communication events like Open House, or eMagine.

    Log your hours on our website, and save all your work in a safe place.


What are the requirements?

  • Sophomores through seniors (2017-18):
    • Accumulate 100 hours of work above and beyond assigned class projects — 50 hours during the junior year, and 50 during the senior year. 
    • Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in the 4-year e-Communication course sequence, and at least a 2.5 overall GPA.
    • Present your projects at Senior Show. Parents, staff, and others attend to support you and enjoy your accomplishments.
  • Freshmen of the 2017-18 school year:


How do I check my hours?

e-Comm parents and students may see what e-hours have been logged for their endorsement.  To log in, please use your user ID (eg. 555abc55) and password to log onto a District computer.  Here is the link:



How do I turn in my hours?

Fill out the form to log your hours for endorsement: