Overview & Sequence


e-Communication provides a platform for learners to communicate, collaborate, innovate and design. Animators, graphic designers, web designers, filmmakers, and broadcasters work beyond the classroom to create media — for the school, community, and professional clients.


bananacamFreshmen take e9 to cultivate a strong foundation in areas of story development, sequential art, and creative approaches. Building these skills and concepts beyond the middle school level is essential to success in all focus areas of e-Communication. e9 students dive right in and use the industry-standard software that our upperclassmen use.   This course meets one hour per day, for the entire year.

e9 students start with the teacher that is on their schedule, learning primarily either animation, video, or graphic design.  Each quarter they rotate to another teacher for the next topic, so by the end of quarter 3, students will have had 1 quarter each of animation, video, and graphic design.  Web design is worked in during all three quarters, as are activities on personal branding and collaboration.  4th quarter e9 students work on their web portfolio, some final projects, and a large team project.


web2Sophomores take two 1-hour courses, year-long, choosing from Graphic Design, Web Design, Animation, or Video. They can think of this as a major and minor, or as a double major.




Essentials and Studio:

Juniors and Seniors narrow down to 1 focus, 2 hours per day for their junior and senior years.

Web Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Entertainment, Convergence Journalism, Sports Information Director (pick one, 2 hours per day)


All e-Communication students have access to computer labs with industry-standard software, as well as a film/photography studio to create their projects using a green screen cyclorama wall, mini-black box theatre, and sound design room.