Raven Wrestlers ready to pin the competition


Last year the Raven wrestling team sent sophomore Caden Howard and senior Kavian Kalantari to state. They had a hard fought battle in the beginning battles, but Howard managed to take third and kalantari took fourth.

Starting the 2018-2019 season the team has two of the top wrestlers in the state for their weight class. Junior Quintin Talbert  is ranked 5th and Caden Howard is ranked 6th. Though they are happy to ranked in the top ten Talbert says he “would like to be ranked higher” and intends to use his practices to step up his game.

The wrestlers have practice every weekday where they work to improve skills and maintain/drop weight.Even though the wrestlers work throughout the week Howard says that, ”almost every weekend we have competitions” but they are prepared to put in the time.

Coach Mesa is confident in this years team “they have high expectations of themselves,and I have high expectations of them”. He believes that this year’s team has lots of leadership between Brady Peiman,Quintin Talbert And Caden Howard, and that it will be valuable to the team.

The road to state will not be easy but if there’s one thing this team doesn’t lack its talent. The boys are ready to put in the work and to push themselves to achieve their season goals.



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