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    • Feb 04   *Chess Club and CSI tonight – Have a ride home.  *No school on Friday, but teachers will be learning and working….Ask them what they will be learning!  *Monday is the first day of Sports Club for 2nd 3rd grade, you’re done.  Get ready to sweat, 2nd grade!  &Rock and Roar today 10:30 – Noon.  *Major Saver Bonus Prizes are coming 2/16.  SO, don’t panic.  Be patient and everything will be delivered.  *Gotcha Cashin for 4/5th today at 1:45 – 2:30.  Right before Growth and Development.  Can’t wait!  *Kindness Essay on Dingman!  Congrats!  *KU/K-State Basketball game….Sportsmanship from all!  *Gotchas:  Chair – Caden C in Dingman, Drew in kindgergarten, Paige in Andersen  *Smoothie King – Menaka in Seward, Avery in Dingman, Henley in 1st Joke:  Knock, Knock.  Who’s there?  Luke.  Luke who?  Luke through the keyhole and you’ll find out!
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    Let 2016 Fab-Dab!

    Be sure and welcome out new RP family members when you see them. Let them know that's the PR way!

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    • Mon, Feb 8: 2nd Gr. Sports Club
    • Tue, Feb 9: SIT
    • Tue, Feb 9: 5th Gr. to Folly Theater
    • Tue, Feb 9: Valentine Parties
    • Tue, Feb 9: CT Enrollment Deadline