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      • Tornado Drill today at 11:00ish.
      • Noah’s Bandage – RP was 4th in all schools with our collection efforts!  WELL DONE!
      • Art teachers AND music teachers in the building today!  Role models for all!
      • Bones – his theme is determined!  CLUE:  He’s looking for a family member….(HINT:  his mummy!)
      • CT volunteers in the building.  THANKS for involving them in your rooms and assisting with their day of community service!   *Conference Time:  Kids, better be quiet in the wet areas and don’t disturb the adults conferencing!  *Gotchas:  Josh in Bennett, Yash in Seward, Zoe in Walser   *Joke:  Why don’t bunnies tell scary stories?  Because it makes the hare stand up on the back of their necks!
  • Spotlight
  • All moneis raised
    is matched by Scholastic
    to purchase books for underprivileged schools
    Make sure to visit the
    Monday, Oct. 16-19

    The BIG NEWS!
    RP Receives the Governor's Award





  • Upcoming Events
    • Fri, Oct 20: No School
    • Mon, Oct 23: SIT
    • Mon, Oct 23: 5th Gr. Sports Club
    • Tue, Oct 24: 4th Gr. to Symphony
    • Tue, Oct 24: 3rd Gr. Girls Friendship Book Club