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  • GO ROYALS!!!

    •  10/22 @ 7:30 a.m. Dolls and Donuts  - Prizes for most creative lion spirit  hat AND most earth friendly hat (recycled) materials
    • 10/29 @ 7:30 a.m. Dudes and Donuts – Prizes  for lion spirit by wearing your favorite sports team apparel.

      (Everyone is welcome at each donut event.  If schedules are challenging, of course, any parent can accompany their child to either event.)

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  • Spotlight
  • Come visit the Book Fair!
    This week only!

    •  2014/15 Directory Cover Artists:  Rachel E. and Grant C.  Congrats!
    • Lion Stampede Planning Meeting – 10/23 @ 7:00.  ALL welcome
    • Box Tops due to RP on 10/24!  Class awards for most collected!
    • RP Night at Joe’s Crab Shack – 10/28.  All day.  Just say you’re from RP and a % of proceeds comes back to RP.  Every month, we’ll have a different restaurant to visit!
  • Upcoming Events
    • Thu, Oct 23: 1st Gr. to Johnson Farms and Deanna Rose
    • Thu, Oct 23: 5th Grade/Shoe Presentation
    • Thu, Oct 23: CSI
    • Thu, Oct 23: 4th Gr. PE Night/Auld & Andersen
    • Thu, Oct 23: 4th Gr. PE Night/Cullen & Moore