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  • Nov 24th

    • NO Math Wings tonight – OR Dance Club this morning!
    • Gotcha Cashin – 11:00 ish for morning kindergarten and 2:30ish for kindergarten and 1st grade!
    • First grade did cool bracelets about the Thanksgiving story!  Ask a first grader to do a retelling.
    • Thank you cards from Mrs. Welch’s class – THANKS for writing and sharing your thankful thoughts!
    • Gotcha Chairs:  Aria in Paglusch, Christopher in Dingman, Yash in Stortz
    • Joke:  Knock Knock.  Who’s there.  Police.  Police who?  Police (please) open the door!
      AND finally, enjoy the holiday break.  Be safe traveling and relax.  You know that it’s gonna be a BUSY month when we return, so charge up! 


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    * Buy RP yearbooks online: ybpay.lifetouch.com and use yearbook ID code 3070316
    * Donations for LIVE auction (Casino/Stampede) needed!
    * PLANET SUB Night - 10/28. Proceeds to Casino/Stampede nights!


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    • Mon, Nov 30: Casino Night ticket order forms home today
    • Mon, Nov 30: 4th Gr. Sports Club
    • Tue, Dec 1: RP Dance Club-Gr. 1 & 2
    • Tue, Dec 1: Math Wings
    • Wed, Dec 2: SIT