Local Scholarships

Scholarship from Olathe groups

 Scholarship Name  Application Deadline Dollar
Details and Eligibility   Link to Apply
Kansas Masonic General Scholarships  Applications  accepted 1/17  to
 $1000 ● 10 scholarships are awarded for each of the 7 Kansas Board of Regents schools
● Demonstrate financial need
● Kansas Resident
Kansas Masonic Legacy Scholarship  Applications  accepted  1/1/17/ to  3/31/17  $1,000 ● Demonstrate financial need
● Must be a son/daughter of a Kansas Mason
● Kansas resident
Kansas Masonic Technical and Community College Scholarship  Applications  accepted  1/1/17/ to  3/31/17  $500 ● 10 scholarships are awarded to each of the seven Kansas Tech Schools and 25 scholarships to each of the 19 Kansas Community Colleges.
● Demonstrate financial need
● Kansas resident
Kansas Masonic Cynthia Ruth Russell Scholarship  Applications  accepted  1/1/17/ to  3/31/17  $5,000  ● Kansas resident
● Medically approved disability
CST Wildcat Pride Scholarship 4/03/17 $250 ● Must be a graduating High School Senior who attended Chisholm Trail Middle School Link
The Olathe Sunrise Kiwanis Club $1,000 Scholarship 4/04/17 $1,000 ● Scholarship for an Olathe Public Schools student.
● Selection criteria includes scholastic competence, participation and leadership in school, social, and religious activities.
● Financial need is highly considered.

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Written By: teddyirc Date posted: September 9, 2016