Community Service

Presidential Service Award Instruction

Purrfect Pets Volunteers Needed

Think about volunteering at Purrfect Pets in Oak Park Mall. It’s a non-profit cat rescue adoption store next to Dillard’s South on the lower level. We’re looking for dependable volunteers who love kitty cats and can help on Saturday mornings from 9:30 – 12:00. The tasks include cleaning, feeding the kitties, etc. We request a commitment of at least 2 times/month.
If you are over 16 years old, this volunteer opportunity could be for you! Questions? Contact the owner, Elaine at (913)652-6677 or at

Peer Tutor

If you are interested in being a peer tutor please see Mrs. Hastings in room 1008.
Tutors needed in the all subject areas.

You will receive service hours for your time and you can set your own schedule.

Church Volunteer Opportunity

After meeting with our adopt-a-school partners, we wanted to reach out to our student groups to share different opportunities for community service where our students can give back to the church for all they do for us. Some ideas that were generated that students could greatly impact with their efforts are the following:

·         Letters to shut-ins at the church

·         Help with “honey-do’s” (i.e. raking, painting, etc.)

·         Help with the grounds/cleaning of the church

·         Letters of appreciation to the church (and Farmers and Sam’s)

 An additional idea we had that focuses on our giving back to our teachers:
·         Letters of appreciation to the staff

 If interested in organizing an opportunity to perform community service to the church, please contact Pastor Phil McDowell at