International Language
Olathe South International Languages

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Course Offerings

Course Instructors 

French                 Kim Hoglund


German               Dr. Scott Seeger

Sign                      Kechia Lake


                               Shelley Bright

                              Angel Cornejo

                                Tanya Cox

                               Mike Flenthrope

                               Hannah Powell

                              Courtney Frets

                               Melissa Campos

  • French 1,2,3,4*, and AP French 5*
  • German 1,2,3*, 4*
  • Spanish 1,2,3,4* and AP Spanish 5*
  • Beginner/Intermediate American Sign Language
  • JCCC College Now Credit*
Course Expectations by Level 

Level 1: This class prepares students to understand, speak, read, and write in the context of ordinary daily situations in the target language, and demonstrate an increasing awareness of the customs of the target culture.

Level 2: This class prepares students to expand their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as continue their study of grammar, idioms, extended vocabulary topics, and the nurturing of cultural awareness.

Level 3: This class focuses on the refinement of communication skills through grammar-based instruction, speaking, reading, writing, and listening activities
at a higher level in the target language.

Level 4: This class offers students the opportunity to utilize the language in oral and written situations, and will focus on advanced grammar topics and the refinement of those previously taught. This class focuses on the integration of cultural topics by way of authentic sources.

Level 5: This class offers students the ability to prepare for the AP language exam and/or receive college credit from JCCC. Students read, analyze, discuss, and write about topics from a variety of authentic sources, print media, movies, books, internet, etc.

Beginner American Sign Language I: A semester course that offers fingerspelling, numbers, and a variety of vocabulary. Deaf culture, history, and causes of hearing loss are integrated into the curriculum while enhancing expressive and receptive communication skills in the target language.

Intermediate American Sign Language II: A semester course that builds upon skills and vocabulary developed in ASL I, extending student’s ability to understand and use their signing more frequently in the classroom. Course topics include an in-depth look into more grammar structures, Deaf literature, and Classifiers. Recommend taking ASL I and ASL II back-to-back semesters.

  “Change your language and you change your thoughts.” -Karl Albrect