Professional Learning Experiences/Senior Capstone

Professional Learning Experience (PLE) Description:

The purpose of a PLE is to connect skills students are learning in the classroom to authentic, ‘real world’ experiences. This helps students connect their school learning with post-secondary and career opportunities. Student Professional Learning Experiences take many forms during a student’s 4-year academy experience. This includes various career presentations during school, job shadowing (typically short term), earning industry standard certifications, internships, practicing skills/knowledge in an authentic learning experience, doing projects for ‘clients’ and more.

Senior Capstone Presentation:

To earn an endorsement, all academies require students to complete a Senior Capstone and give a public presentation. Each student’s capstone is individualized. It may consist of a content specific project and/or a placement with a community business partner (or other facilitator directed project). Specific feedback is provided for the presentation.