Ed Practices I

A foundation of understanding will be fostered in the area of educational practices. Students will gain experience and knowledge in the areas of instructional planning and design, classroom management, technology integration, classroom ethics, and working with diverse populations. Students will be challenged to navigate the field of education through collaboration, course simulations, off campus activities, and engaging interactive experiences.

Course Units 

  • Unit 1: Educators as a Profession
  • Unit 2: Communication
  • Unit 3: Educational Theories
  • Unit 4: Creating a Learning Environment
  • Unit 5: Classroom Management
  • Unit 6: Instructional Planning and Decisions Making
  • Unit 7: Understanding and Responding to Diverse Learners

Notable Guests and Experiences:

  • Instructional Resource Teachers (IRT)- Classroom Management and Instructional Design
  • School Social Worker and Psychologist
  • ELL Team Members
  • Plan Class Holiday Celebration
  • Cultural Experience
  • Read Across America Week
  • PBL: Breakout EDU Design
  • Movies: The Front of the Class and Akeelah and the Bees
  • Educators Rising Competition