Extension Hours (Ehour) Opportunities

Future Educators Academy Extension Hours

What are Extension Hours (eHours)?

Extension hours are volunteer and/or academic time put in outside of the regular school day related to the field of education. They are NOT related to a student’s grade. eHours are designed for students to gain experience in the field, and help enhance students understanding in the field of education.

  • eHours should be earned over your 4 years of high school.
  • It is required to earn at least 50 eHours your senior year
  • The goal is to earn 50-75 each year.

Levels of Endorsement eHours Required

Proficient 200 Hours
Highly Proficient 300 Hours
Highly Proficient with Honors 400 Hours

You man earn these hours throughout your four years of high school.

All eHours are due by April 10th of your Senior Year

How do I earn Future Educators Academy Extension Hours (eHours)?

  • There are many possibility for eHours. Check with Shelley Staples for approval before you log if you have any questions.
  • If you are being paid for an experience, it cannot count for an eHour
    • Ex: Paid Babysitting, JCPRD Worker, Lifeguard, swim lessons, and Sunday School Supervision do NOT count
  • eHours are logged by the student

How to I report, track, and check eHours?

  • Students are responsible for recording, submitting and tracking their own eHours.
  • Students record their eHours on the eHours form and submit the form electronically from their phone or computer
  • eHour tracking is available online for students to view their progress toward endorsement
  • Students must submit all eHours by April 10th of their senior year to count eHours toward endorsement

How do I log my Future Educators eHours?

  • Future Educators eHours are tracked online via Google Forms and stored in students’ folders.
    • Each student has been provided a personal link to track eHours.
    • Students need to sign in with USD233 student username and password
  • How do I prove my eHours were completed? What if I can’t get an email?
    • Ask the supervising adult to send an email at MJStaples@olatheschools.org
    • Take a picture of yourself at the eHours activity  and Tweet it or show Mrs. Staples.
    • Bring one of the eHour verification forms and have an adult/supervisor sign the form.

Can I do eHours with my family and friends?

  • Yes!! You should definitely ask members of the academy to go with you! Your family and friends can also participate in eHours
    • Remember, only your volunteer work will count toward your hours


Ongoing eHour Opportunities

*All hours and activities are subject to approval by Shelley Staples. Hours earned will be determined based on duration of activity, as well as quality of any associated work and/or participation.

*Other activities not listed may count as eHours subject to PRIOR approval by Shelley Staples.


Shadowing and Volunteering School Support Service
  • Shadowing/Observing + 1 Paragraph Write Up = 1 Hour per Hour in classroom
    • School Lunch Shadow
    • Principal Shadow
    • Counselor Shadow
    • IRT Shadow
    • Teacher Shadow
    • Paraprofessional Shadow
    • Professor Shadow
    • Pastor/Minister Shadow
    • Mission Trip Shadow
  • Auditing/Sitting in on a College Class
  • Walking School Bus Volunteer – 1 Hour per Hour
  • Field Day *
  • Photo Day*
  • Book Fairs *
  • Science Fairs *
  • Holiday Parties *
  • Library Volunteer *
  • Cultural Fair*
  • Career Day *
  • Career Expo *
  • Tech Teams *
  • Peer Mentor *

*must be prior approved/assigned

  • Teacher Bulletin Boards- 1 Hour each
    • See Mrs. Staples for list of current bulletin boards
    • Hawks PPT Every Monday
  • Professional Document Proofreading- Hour for Hour
  • Laminating- 1 Hour Each
    • Can be done during Hawk Hour
  • Parent Teacher Conference-Parents Day Out- Hour for Hour
  • YMCA Volunteering at Olathe School District PR- Hour for Hour
  • Assist at Instructional Resource Center – Hour for Hour
    • Resource packeting
    • Laminating
    • Professional Poster Making
    • Flyer- Distribution and Creating
  • Assist Teaching and Learning Team
    • Create Powerpoints/Prezi/Noodles
    • Film videos for showing
    • Create student work examples
  • Assemble Summer School Packets- 1 Hour Each
  • Provide Directions at
    • Parent Teacher Conference
    • Open House
    • Summer Conference
Professional Development Educators Rising
  • Choose 1 of the 26 competitions
    • 1 competition entry equals 10-15 Hours  *
    • Presenting at State + 5 Hour
    • Qualifying for Nationals + 10 Bonus Hours
  • Serve as an Ed Rising Ambassador – 10 Hours
  • Attend a Local or State Conference- 8 Hours
    • Present at Local Conference +  5 Hours *
    • Present at a State Conference  + 5 Hours *
  • Attend National Conference- 20-35 Hours *
  • OE Educators Rising Club Activities
    • Serve as an Educators Rising Officer for Olathe East- 20 Hours
    • Serve as a Committee Head for Educators Rising for Olathe East- 5-10 Hours
    • Students can submit actual hours spent at meetings, committee meetings, and on special projects

*must be prior approved/assigned

Special Events Training and Certifications
  • Future Educators College Days
    • Ex: Wild About FCS at K-State, ESU Future Teachers, Avila International Teaching and Advocacy Day
  • Career Expo *Sign up with Mrs. Staples
  • Attend 21st Century Meeting and Present
  • Teacher Movie Nights- 3 Hours/Movie
    • Once a quarter, must participate in discussion to earn hours
  • Google for Educators Training/Certification
  • Microsoft Educator Certification (MCE)
  • GLSEN Training- Safe Space