Intro to Education

This introductory course will provide a foundation for understanding the workings of the educational profession. Students will explore the qualities, skills, and behaviors of effective educators, as well as investigate approaches to teaching and strategies for learning. Students will have the opportunity to define who they are and what type of educator they could become. 

Course Units:

  • Unit 1: Who Am I as a Learner and Educator   
  • Unit 2: Why Teach
  • Unit 3: Who are Students
  • Unit 4: What makes a Great Educator
  • Unit 5: What makes a Great School
  • Unit 6: What are my Career Option

Notable Guests and Experiences:

  • You’re the Teacher (YTT)
    • Students assume the role of the teacher immediately in Intro to Education. YTT projects occur each unit and students will plan, prepare and present! YTT: Ice Breaks, YTT: Learning Styles, YTT: Teacher Types, YTT: Great Schools
  • Expert Educator Panel
  • Instructional Resource Teacher (IRT) Advice: What makes a great educator?
  • Project Based Learning (PBL): Who are students
  • 21st Century Skills Assessment and Precision Exam
  • Virtual Field Trips and Mystery Skype
  • Educator Movie Inspiration: Take the Lead and Stand and Deliver