EHours/Extension Learning


Please use this webpage and contained information as a way to brainstorm EHour opportunities. If you ever have any questions about something counting towards EHours, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask.

Green Tech EHour Brochure

General Guidelines:

Extension Hours must be program-related and will require a reflection of the activity. Additional documentation like pictures, brochures, or parent signatures is always a good idea. It is always a good idea to record your own EHours via paper and pencil or an excel spreadsheet, however, you can log EHours at the following website using your student login and password:  

 Log EHours, here: 

EHour requirements for all four years based upon endorsement level: 

Endorsed  200 
Endorsed with Honors  300 
Endorsed with High Honors  400 


Individual EHours – Examples 

  • Program Related Documentaries 
  • Green Tech Project Journals 
  • Nature Journal 
  • Energy Journal 
  • Book Reviews 
  • Program Related Video Games 
  • Green Tech Related Vacation Activity 
  • Interviewing a Professional 
  • Career Shadowing 
  • Scout or Community Service Projects 
  • Energy or Environmental Events 
  • Public Hearings 
  • Green Tech Competitions 
  • TSA, ElectroRally, KidWind, FFA, Rube Goldberg 


School EHours – Examples 

  • Recycling 
  • Program Related Clubs or Competitions 
  • Green Tech Events 
  • Field Trips 

You can always seek clarification on whether an activity is “program related” if it is uncertain. The following page is a broad list subjects and topics that would be considered program related followed by a list of other EHour Ideas. 


Green Tech Academy 

Program Related Topics: 

Energy  Environment  Sustainability  Natural Resources  Solar  Wind 
Water  Energy Efficiency  Engineering  Design  Makers  Soil Chemistry 
Physics  Green Psychology  Growing Food  Recycling  Composting  Agriculture 
Ecology  Trees             Innovation  Cities  Buildings  Technology 
Transportation  Planning  3D Modeling  Pollution  Policy  Infrastructure 


Educational Journals and Magazines:

Mr. Janousek’s Favorite Program Related Books: (1-hour of reading = 1 EHour) 

The Ecology of Commerce and Drawdown by Paul Hawkin 

The Ends of the World by Peter Brannen 

Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update by Donella Meadows 

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson 

Earth in the Balance by Al Gore 

Wilderness Essays by John Muir 

Natural History Essays by Henry David Thoreau 

Power Struggle by Richard Rudolf and Scott Ridley 

Thirst for Power by Michael E. Webber 


Look around Amazon or an eBook website to get these at home. 

My list above is by no means the comprehensive list of books that are program related. 


Mr. Janousek’s Favorite At-Home Activities (1-hour working on this is 1 EHour) 

  • Growing the tallest sunflower  
  • Building a sustainable city in Cities: Skylines 
  • Doing Green Tech things in Minecraft 
  • Follow where your electricity comes from with your parents 
  • Follow where your water goes to with your parents