Academy Coursework

Students interested in the Green Tech Academy are highly encouraged to apply through the following link:

The following outline is provided to give you a sense of what the first year will be like in the Green Tech Academy. Each year after becomes increasingly focused on each student’s individual interests that they discover during Investigations in Green Tech.

Freshmen Year – Investigations in Green Tech

Intro to Energy

What is energy? How do we produce and consume it?  Students learn the basics of energy and key developments throughout history. The semester culminates with a student-driven investigation and energy audit of Olathe West High School as part of the Kansas Green Schools initiative. Along the way, students are discovering their interests in Green Tech and developing their first individual or group projects.

Intro to Environmental Science

Rather than just saving money for energy efficiency, is the motivation to take on the challenge of climate change. Emerging from Intro to Energy, students dive into the topic of environmental science and learn about the planet’s atmosphere, soil nutrients, water cycle and the effect of our energy-intensive modern society on the environment. From there, students put together an action plan to limit Olathe West’s ecological and carbon footprint and do outreach projects with elementary school students.

After your Freshmen year, you choose your specialization:

Renewable Energy or Sustainability

Students in the Renewable Energy track focus on engineering concepts as well as the structure and organization of stakeholders involved in the energy industry.

Students in the Sustainability track focus on environmental science as well as sustainable resource management and horticulture/agriculture.

Renewable Energy Specialization

Sophomore Year – Energy, Power, and Society

Learn about the various energy technologies humans have developed and why energy is embedded deep within the structure and organization of everything that runs our society.

Junior Year – Energy Industry Fundamentals

Take a deep dive into how our electrical grid works by examining both the structure and organization of its institutions and the physical properties underlying its operation.

Senior Year – Renewable Energy Capstone Project

Sustainability Specialization

Sophomore Year – Sustainable Resource Management

How do biologists and environmental scientists measure the health of the environment? Not only will you learn how to collect field measurements and how to classify different plants and wildlife, but how humans should properly and sustainably use natural resources.

Junior Year – Horticulture

Learn how to design, plan, and cultivate gardens that not only produce vegetables but improve the environment surrounding them.

Senior Year – Sustainability Capstone Project


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