Delilah Poole

Delilah Poole
Class of 2020
Fire Rescue

Reflections and Future Plans 
Favorite Memories at West My most memorable highlight from Public Safety was when we did team bonding activities and when we did scenarios, “We Are All a Family”.  We all worked together to get the task at hand done.  I also enjoyed an award I received for being fluent in Spanish.
Favorite Skill/s Learned in Academy My favorite physical skill learned was how to flow water and hook up the hydrant.
Future Plans  My plans after high school are to go to Johnson County Community College.  My major will be Fire Science and my minor will be Foreign Language & Literature.  After attending JCCC, I plan to apply to the Olathe Fire Department for employment.
Advice for Incoming
Academy Students
Some advice I have for the incoming freshmen are don’t over stress. Yes, everything will be new and crazy this coming year with what is going on, just keep on top of your work and don’t procrastinate.  School work in other classes is just as important as Public Safety.  Also, you should hold yourself accountable and have integrity because you are future first responders. Your community will hold you to it!  So, keep your head up and be proud of Public Safety.  Good luck  Class of 2024!