Luke Gwartney

Luke Gwartney 
Class of 2020
Law Enforcement

Reflections and Future Plans 
Favorite Memories at West My most memorable experience about Olathe West is the Public Safety Senior Class of 2020. We all were in the same boat coming into our Sophomore year. We each came from different high schools across the district (and Texas, thanks Sean) and we all left friends behind at our old schools. I feel like we really bonded as a group our Junior year and really solidified it our Senior year. Everybody in our class has a unique role that makes them separate from everybody else. One thing I won’t forget was our presentation night our Senior year and we were all chilling in the library. We would all mess around as they called our names one by one to present our projects and we were all hyping each other up. I really enjoyed my time at Olathe West, and it was because of that group of people. Thank you, guys. I hope you enjoy the rest of your lives and may our bridges cross again.
Favorite Skill/s Learned in Academy I like the Bill of Rights because it outlines the freedoms we have as a United States Citizen, a lot of them are included in the legal system in America. Law Enforcement Officers must pay attention to this because if they don’t inform a person of their rights or if they break the rules, then their case gets thrown out and they will probably be disciplined by the department they’re in.
Future Plans  I currently have three plans after high school. My first plan is to stay home and to go to JCCC and work as a civilian employee for the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. My second plan is to go to Lindenwood University, which is in the St. Louis Metro area and to join their shotgun shooting team. My third plan is to join some branch of the United States Military and go from there.
Advice for Incoming
Academy Students
I have three pointers to hand out:

1. To enjoy high school. Now you’re all thinking how slow these four years are going to be, but it is going to be the complete opposite. It feels like I started freshman year last week…

2. Be who YOU want to be, not what OTHERS want you to be. Throughout high school, you’re going to be put into situations where your decision is going to make or break your high school career. Just listen to the voice inside and do what is right.

3. To go with the flow. This program is still new, as it is only three years old. The graduating classes before you had to experience many different “Trials and Errors” to make the program where it is now.